Ellen – Friends – Frasier – One Night Stand – Whose Line Is It Anyway? – tape 2102

After the end of Brookside, featuring two characters arguing with each other in front of featureless walls – great TV – the first programme on this tape is Ellen with the continuation of the story we saw a few days ago, Thirty Kilo Man part 2. Ellen thinks her boyfriend is a drug dealer. When Audrey’s policeman boyfriend […]

Not the Nine O’Clock News – Shooting Stars – Have I Got News For You – Funny For Money – tape 2068

This tape opens with the end of Jancis Robinson’s Wine Course. I think I’ve mentioned my total lack of interest in wine before. It’s like all those people who join CAMRA and use sites like untappd to tweet about the ‘malty, hoppy’ IPA they’re currently enjoying. Of course, that’s totally different to when I tweet pictures […]