Ellen – Friends – Frasier – Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Beastly Behaviour – tape 2044

Some comedy from Channel4, when Channel 4 had comedy. First, Ellen, and Ellen takes ballet classes to fulfill a childhood dream. Next, Friends, and The One with the Boobies. Fisher Stevens appears as Phoebe’s boyfriend, who’s a psychiatrist. Rachel is mortified when Chandler accidentally sees her breasts. Joey discovers that his father (Robert Costanzo) is cheating on his […]

One Foot in the Grave – Victoria Wood – Live In Your Own Home – Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show – tape 1781

There’s an older recording just at the start of this tape. “…series about a writer caught up in a confused world of fantasy and r…” but that’s all I have. Any ideas? This is soon overwritten by a newer recording, with the end of Robin Hood Price of Thieves. Then there’s trailers for Dick Tracy, The Lenny Henry […]