Day: December 1, 2022

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Angel – dvd 139

More Buffy and Angel today, starting with Buffy The Vampire SlayerHim. This is a couple of episodes after yesterday’s episode.

Spike, who has been living in the school basement, is moving in with Xander (and Anya has moved out).

Buffy and Dawn talk about how weird relationships can be. “I mean, you put all this energy into chasing and having and brooding, and I just don’t understand these relationships where you all do insane things.” And then she sees a boy on the football field, and the Theme from A Summer Place starts playing.

Buffy saves Anya from a demon sent by the head of the vengeance demons.

Dawn tries to talk to the boy she’s suddenly smitten with, RJ.

Then she auditions for the cheerleaders.

But things get serious when another football player takes RJ’s place as the starting quarterback. Dawn tells him it isn’t fair, then pushes him down the stairs.

She tells Principal Wood that the boy fell, and must have lied about being pushed.

But RJ seems to be appreciative, and he takes her dancing at the Bronze.

Buffy has a word with him about taking Dawn out, but then she falls for him too.

To the extent of summoning him to her office.

Dawn sees them together and is distraught. Xander sees her and asks what’s wrong, then they go to see Buffy and find her counselling has progressed.

It’s clear they’re both under a love spell – something Xander knows a lot about from a previous episode. They do some research. Xander used to know RJ’s older brother, who was a jock, a couple of years above them at Sunnydale High. “He used to stick chewing gum in my hair.” So he and Spike go to see the brother. “And don’t let this guy charm you either.” But it looks like whatever magic he had in High School has worn off. Spike notices in a picture that he was wearing RJ’s jacket, but he tells them it was his father’s jacket. “Made a big deal about it, too, how he met Mom wearin’ that jacket. She was a former Miss Arkansas. Very hot in her day.”

Back at the house, RJ turns up looking for Buffy. Willow and Anya answer the door, and send him away, but they’re now smitten.

So now all four of them are under his spell. Willow’s doing magic, Buffy is going to kill the Principal, Anya is robbing a bank for some reason, and Dawn thinks she’s lost him so she’s laying down on the train tracks.

Willow is doing a spell to turn RJ into a woman when Xander finds her and stops her. She tells them what the others are doing.

There’s a nice shot of Principal Wood in his office, and you can just see Buffy with her rocket launcher through the window before Spike tackles her.

Willow locates Dawn, and Buffy saves her from being killed by a train. I’m surprised how much dialogue has been cut from this episode on this broadcast. They cut the lines “You’re older and hotter and have sex that’s rough and kill people. I don’t have any of that stuff.”

They get the jacket from RJ and burn it. And nobody ever mentions Anya’s spate of bank robberies again.

Next, it’s AngelSupersymmetry. We’ve skipped the episode where Cordelia is back, where Wolfram & Hart capture her and Angel is tipped off by Wesley (who is still estranged from the group, possibly because he’s in a relationship with Lilah from W&H). And at the end of that episode, Cordelia pointedly stays with Connor rather than go back to the hotel. Also, Lorne reads Cordelia when she sings, and he sees something very evil coming, information that Wolfram & Hart torture out of him.

This episode starts with Fred being very excited that she’s had an article published in a scientific journal.

Connor comes back for Cordelia’s stuff.

Lilah brings a peace offering to Wesley after tricking him into getting Angel to rescue Cordy so W&H could get to Lorne. It’s a helmet. I really can’t understand why Wesley is involved with Lilah. She stands for the complete opposite of everything Wesley stands for. I guess he’s just enormously shallow.

Fred has been asked to speak at a conference. There, she meets her former professor, Professor Seidel, who she was working for when she was sucked into Lorne’s dimension.

Fred’s talk ends up being quite spectacular, as during it, a portal opens and a monster attacks her. Lucky Angel and Gunn were in the audience.

Was it Lilah, who Angel saw at the lecture? No, she was there because Wesley was, and she was stalking him.

Maybe it was the nerdy comic book guy who was taking pictures as the monster attacked? Probably not. “I wanted to see if it was true. If she was really one of them. You know, one of the students who disappeared.” There’s been more than one disappearance like Fred’s, and they’ve been discussed in internet chatrooms. As has Angel. “Yeah, like, you’re Angel, right? There are whole forums on you in chat rooms, man. But who knew you actually, like, existed?” As they’re leaving, Angel asks Gunn “They talk about me in the chatty rooms?”

Fred goes to see Professor Seidel, to apologise for the unpleasantness at the conference, and he tells her he’s keen for her to be one of his students again. But when Fred’s idly perusing his bookshelf while he’s out of the office, she sees a book that’s out of place. “Plasma and Fluid Turbulence in with neutrino books? That’s just wrong.” But when she opens the book, it’s not about Physics.

Angel and Gunn discover that all the missing girls had Professor Seidel as their teacher.

Fred wants revenge on the Professor for sending her to Pylea for years. Angel and Gunn talk her down from her homicidal state.

So she goes to Wesley. He tells her much the same as Angel and Gunn.

Fred gets a text from WingDings.

A portal opens up and almost consumes them.

Fred heads to the Professor’s office. Angel is there first, but the Professor summons a demon.

Cordy still has no memory, and she’s getting a bit creeped out by Connor, particularly when he kissed her.

While Angel is busy with the demon, Fred is summoning a portal to hell. Gunn arrives, and pleads with Fred not to kill him. “If you kill him, I’m gonna lose you.” He stops the professor falling through the portal, then sees the look on Fred’s face. Then he snaps the professor’s neck and pushes him in anyway. I suppose that’s one way of dealing with the situation.

Back to the hotel, and Cordelia’s there. The episode ends with her asking Angel “Were we in love?”

After this, there’s the start of an episode of Scrubs.


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