Inspector Morse – Tonight With Jonathan Ross – Victoria Wood – As Seen On TV – tape 316

This is another tape that’s been recorded over. The classic Thames ident is first.

But it’s almost immediately replaced by the newer, much less interesting Thames logo.

It’s an episode of Inspector MorseThe Death Of the Self. There’s some kind of self-help thing going on (in Italy, we later discover) with people ‘burning the past’.

It’s being run by Michael Kitchen

One of the women is unhappy about ‘going out into the woods’.

Sometime later, a body is discovered very dead. I presume it’s the same woman, but it’s dark, raining, and I can’t recognise faces.

The grieving husband speaks at the inquest, where accidental death is the verdict, about being put under pressure, but won’t say what. He later goes to Italy.

Morse and Lewis are tasked with going to Italy to check that the Italian investigation was in order. There’s someone to meet them when they arrive.

Frances Barber plays an opera singer who is having problems returning to performing, hence her attending Kitchen’s weird self-help group. Will Morse fall in love with her?

Georges Corraface plays the police liason in Italy.

They’re definitely getting great value from the location shooting. It all looks lovely.

And in a twist, the death wasn’t murder, but Kitchen et al were definitely crooked, working a forgery racket with fake ancient illuminated manuscripts.

After this, there’s a segment from Tonight With Jonathan Ross featuring Britain’s Loudest Band – Spinal Tap.

Then, over to BBC2 for an episode of Victoria Wood – As Seen On TV. Always a delight.

“A woman came up to me in the street with a big badge saying ‘Lose Weight Now. Ask Me How.’ Stop your nose bleeding. Ask someone else.”

“He used to pop over if I needed a hand with a tricky buttock.”

There’s shock over the sudden axing of two beloved characters from Acorn Antiques. Mr Clifford and Mrs Overall are out.

“That show’s my life.”

Mrs Overall has her last speech written on the macaroon that will kill her.

Henry Kelly makes an appearance in Winnie’s Lucky Day in which Winnie has won £1,000,000 in a competition. “It was to think up six new shades for lingerie. Like a new name for Grey or Green. We put Anthracite, Sprout, Liver, Ketchup, Balaclava and Bandage.” Whenever I see something about pretentious colours for interior design, I always think of ‘Bandage’.

The show closes with one of the greatest comedy sketches ever performed. Two Soups. I can’t imagine how you’d start writing something like this. I guess you’d only even start if you knew it would be performed by Julie Walters. On the page it must have seemed like nothing.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 10th April 1992 – 21:00

After this, there’s a trail for Harry Enfield’s Television Programme.

Then recording stops, and underneath there’s a bit of Channel 4 News, where they’re discussing the election. Yes, my past is mirroring the present.

The tape runs out on Paddy Ashdown’s Battle Bus.


  • Ford Escort – Kevin Sorbo
  • The Essential Chill
  • Yellow Pages
  • Electrolux Airstream
  • Down To Earth
  • Robert Palmer – Addictions volume 2
  • trail: Goldfinger
  • Network Q
  • McDonalds
  • Amstrad Word Processors
  • Baci
  • Abbey National
  • Bisto
  • Air Canada
  • British Airways
  • Radion
  • Mars
  • Freejack in cinemas
  • Peugeot 106
  • trail: In Suspicious Circumstances
  • Electrolux
  • The Guardian
  • Lexus
  • Electrolux
  • VW Golf – John Hannah
  • Mobil 1
  • Lyons Original Coffee


  1. RIP Victoria Wood. She was originally going to be in Not The 9 O’Clock News before they settled on Pamela Stephenson who had appeared three times as different characters in The Professionals.

  2. Whenever I drive to a roundabout and see a sign reading “Reduce Speed Now”, I inevitably chime in with “Ask Me How”.

    Some low-end fashion companies do now use Anthracite as a colour option, and it never fails to boggle the mind.

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