The Flash – tape 993

Here’s a couple of episodes from the 1990 incarnation of The Flash starting with Deadly Nightshade. A young heiress, Felicia Kane, has been kidnapped by some anti-capitalists. She’s played by a young Jeri Ryan.

Another Star Trek regular plays her psychiatrist Rebecca Frost – Denise Crosby.

Felicia is rescued when a masked vigilante guns down all the kidnappers – and he bears a striking resemblance to Nightshade, an older hero we saw in an earlier episode.

Dr Frost goes on TV accusing the Flash of being a dangerous vigilante, so he visits Dr Powell (Jason Bernard), who used to be Nightshade, but he’s retired now.

The great Dick Miller has a regular small role as Fosnight, a petty criminal who gives information to The Flash sometimes.

Someone’s building an exo-skeleton.

It’s Curtis Bohannan, local philanthropist, and son of a gangland boss who was taken down by the real Nightshade. He’s gone a bit Batman-psycho and now wants to take down all crime.

The new Nightshade doesn’t like what TV host Joe Kline (Richard Belzer) is saying about him.

There’s a slightly disappointing fight between Flash and Bohannan in the Exo Skeleton to end the episode.

Then next episode is Captain Cold so it’s no surprise when a room full of mobsters turns up frozen.

Reporter Terri Kronenberg (Lisa Darr) is after the story.

the eponymous Captain Cold is working for another mob boss, Jimmy Swain, played by Jeffrey Combs.

There’s a satellite glitch during this episode where the picture goes encrypted and the sound drops out. When it comes back, there’s a caption saying “BSB” which means this must have been when I was still using a cheap BSB decoder and dish that I got from a friend, before I switched to a full Sky box when the BSB service was shut down.

Captain Cold gets captured, but he escapes with freeze bombs hidden in his shoe. It’s a slightly awkward shot, because not all the balls fall out into his hand, and he tries to get them out, then just puts the heel back. I’m surprised they didn’t retake this as it looks a bit rubbish.

The Flash gets frozen, but he survives. Phew.

The last episode on this tape is Good Night, Central City. A small-time burglar is caught on the job, and appears to drop down dead. But a man comes into the morgue and removed a device he’d been wearing, and he wakes up. These guys might look familiar – on the left it’s Bill Mumy, Will Robinson from Lost in Space, or Lennier from Babylon Five. On the right is Matt Landers, not quite so familiar, but he’s the police captain in Die Hard who says “Send in the car. Send in the car.”

Their device can generate a particular tone that puts people to sleep, so naturally they use it to rob jewellery stores.

There’s a subplot where the crooks frame Barry to make him look like part of the team.

Not the most exciting episode. Too much sleeping.

After this, the recording stops, and underneath there’s an older recording, quite a large section of an episode of Police Story. It features Antonio Fargas in a pre-Starsky and Hutch role.

Another S&H regular also appearing is Bernie Hamilton.

The tape ends during this show.

In the ad breaks – I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by Amstrad technology adverts, but I am.

And just to show that Europe is never out of the news, this trail dates this tape to September 1992, when France voted by 51% to 49% to adopt the Maastricht treaty.

One last advert – this one amused me, as it reminded me of the Lee and Herring Pie Pie sketch from Fist of Fun.


  • trail: Star Trek The Next Generation
  • trail: King of the Hill
  • trail: Star Trek The Next Generation
  • trail: Booker
  • Swinton
  • Mr Kipling Pies
  • Rennie Rap-Eze
  • Argos
  • Persil Colour
  • Robinsons Juice Drinks
  • Twix
  • trail: Super Sunday
  • trail: Star Trek The Next Generation
  • National Savings
  • Listerine
  • Philadelphia
  • Dances With Wolves on video
  • Outspan
  • Sensodyne F
  • trail: Robin Hood
  • trail: Unsolved Mysteries
  • trail: WWF Superstars
  • Flash Liquid
  • Four Tops – The Singles Collection
  • Flotex
  • Isostar
  • Amstrad Word Processors
  • trail: Sky Sports
  • trail: Roots the Next Generation
  • trail: Star Trek The Next Generation
  • trail: Maastricht The French Vote
  • Dove
  • Valensina
  • Munch Bunch Pot Shots
  • Fairy Glaze Guard
  • Red Rock Cider – Leslie Nielsen
  • The Rave Gener8tor II
  • AA
  • Fairy Excel
  • Lynx Nevada
  • trail: Football
  • trail: Cops
  • Renault Clio
  • St Ivel Gold
  • Reading The Indie Album
  • Always Pantliners
  • Dettol Fresh
  • Outspan
  • trail: Cover Up
  • PG Tips
  • The Rave Gener8tor II
  • Martini
  • Soreen
  • Babycham
  • Sensodyne F
  • PG Tips


  1. Matt Landers was something of a regular in films produced by Joel Silver. He was also a policeman in 48 HRS and a deleted scene from Lethal Weapon where Martin Riggs takes on a schoolyard sniper.

    Nice to see Dobie and Huggy in Police Story. Richard Ward who played Dobie in the Starsky & Hutch pilot had a very peculiar voice. He and Antonio Fargas were in the movie Across 110th Street directed by Barry Shear who also made the S&H pilot.

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