The Wonder Years – CinemAttractions – One On Two – Short And Curlies – Crime Monthly – tape 961

A mixed tape today, starting with The Wonder YearsGlee Club. I notice it’s directed by Jim McBride who also directed (among others) The Big Easy.

I’m really glad my wife isn’t in the room as the boys are trying to sing scales, as I think her ears might explode.

I’m not convinced that the singing voice of the boy who until then hasn’t sung a note is his natural voice. But it does lead to a voice breaking joke.

After this, recording switches to the end of The James Whale Radio Show. Cleo Rocos’ dress is falling off, which is about as on message as I can imagine.

Looks like Victor Lewis Smith appeared in this programme too.

There’s an ITN bulletin, leading with violence by English fans before the World Cup, a Thatcher/Grobachev meeting, the arrest of a suspected IRA bombmaker, and animal rights bomb attacks on people working at Porton Down.

Then, an episode of CinemAttractions. Today, this seems like the most boring, cheap slice of TV, but in the early 90s, it was one of the few ways to see trailers and footage from forthcoming films. The internet has replaced this function, so such shows these days are redundant, but at the time, they were quite important.

This episode has trailers and ‘behind the scenes’ stuff for the following films:

It appears they can’t reliably spell the name ‘Christopher’.

After this, the recording switches to BBC2 and another of those short monologues, One On TwoThe Man I Was featuring Chris Lynam.

I wasn’t particularly interested in this, I have to admit.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 18th June 1990 – 23:45

There’s another one next, Dead Good Friends, written and performed by Jo Brand.

Is that the lovely Russell Churney in the icebox?

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 19th June 1990 – 23:45

Recording switches to Channel 4, and there’s another short film – must have been the season for them.

Short And CurliesWork Experience was the winner of that year’s Oscar for best Live Action short film, and stars Lennu Henry, Kathy Burke, Neil Person and John Normington. Lenny plays a youngman looking for work, without success, who visits the local department store, and keeps being asked questions by other customers, so he starts bullshitting.

After this, it’s back to BBC Two for another One On TwoNine Lives, performed by Andrew Bailey. Another laugh-riot. Only joking, it’s depressing as anything.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 20th June 1990 – 23:45

Over to ITV for Crime MonthlyJack The Ripper. “Tonight, once and for all, we hope to answer the question: Who was Jack the Ripper?” says Paul Ross. I find it hard to take Paul Ross seriously in any context whatsoever, but especially when he’s trying to be really grown up and po-faced.

After this, recording stops, and underneath there’s a bit of an episode of The Travel Show. matthew Collins had to travel from New York to Maine by coach, which was harder than expected because of a long running strike by Greyhound drivers.

I was a bit curious about where this old recording came from, since it’s not from after any of the three BBC2 programmes earlier on the tape. I’ve decided that it must have been run-on from a recording of City Lights, a Scottish comedy series that I obviously didn’t think was interesting enough to keep. BBC Two – 21st June 1990 – 20:00

After this, there’s an advert for World Magazine, and a trailer for Othello starring Willard White and Ian McKellen.

Then, the tape runs out after a few minutes of Under the Sun, looking at the struggle of Palestinians in the occupied territories.


  • Tesco – Dudley Moore
  • Skillball
  • First Direct
  • Tesco – Dudley Moore
  • trail: Spitting Image
  • Citroen XM
  • Chatback
  • Teaching
  • Carlsberg
  • VW
  • British Telecom
  • Right Guard
  • TV Times
  • Argos
  • Pedigree Chum
  • trail: Born Beautiful
  • LBC
  • Tesco
  • Silver Spoon and Tate & Lyle
  • Red Rock Cider – Leslie Nielsen
  • L’Oreal Nouriance
  • British Gas
  • Asti Spumante
  • Tesco
  • LBC


  1. I watched The Travel Show with my brother in 1993 and he poked fun at Matthew Collins. When he made a little joke about going to Dresden where he will learn how to speak German, he let out a sarcastic burst of laughter, quipping that he deserves his own comedy series – The Matthew Collins Comedy Second. Being a teenager, I laughed along with him.

    Paul and Jonathan are a real pair. I didn’t mind the latter too much until that 2008 incident involving Russell Brand.

    The 1988 dramatization of Jack The Ripper starring Michael Caine was excellent. I haven’t watched it for 11 years but I really enjoyed it and the performances were spot on. I had an idea of who the killer might be near the end.

    Jo Brand would have been perfect as a detective who spends her time looking at dead bodies. Her droll sense of humour would have perhaps given Robbie Coltrane’s Cracker a run for his money.

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