Clive Anderson Talks Back – AK – tape 981

On this tape, a few episodes of Clive Anderson Talks Back, and something more unusual at the end.

I’ve probably mentioned before on the blog, but I’m quite surprised by how much people seem to hate Clive Anderson and his interviewing style. All the videos I’ve put up on YouTube attract comments that suggest that almost everybody is really irritated by his style. It’s weird, since I’ve always quite enjoyed it, but I guess I’ve always been used to it.

The first guest on the first episode is Michael Heseltine.

Lenny Henry has come in his pyjamas. It’s interesting when he’s talking about Richard Pryor, and he’s talking in the present tense. For some reason, in my head, Richard Pryor died in the 80s/90s, but he didn’t die until 2005, so somehow I think I’ve conflated him (and his famous near-death experience with drugs) with John Belushi. Or maybe Bill Hicks. The memory is a strange thing.

In the next episode, Clive’s first guest is ‘Rael’ who claims to have met and spoken to aliens.

Slight more seriously, the second guest is Denis Healey.

The next episode, the last in this series, features Tony Slattery as his first guest (sound the klaxon) on there to promote This is David Harper.

The next guest is Gary Lineker, from a time when he was a quite nervous footballer, and not the broadcasting legend he is now. This would have predated They Think It’s All Over by a few years.

His final guest is “actress, comedian and telephonist” Maureen Lipman – a reference to her British Telecom ads.

After this, recording switches, and we get the end of an episode of New West, which was trailed on yesterday’s tape after Your Cheatin’ Heart. Stop trying to make Country Music cool.

There’s a trail for Saturday Night programmes.

Then, something a little more unusual. AK is a documentary film, made by Chris Marker, whose short film La Jetee formed the basis for Twelve Monkeys.

This is a documentary about Akira Kurosawa, during the filming of Ran.

It’s very lyrical and doesn’t really delve much into process or technique, aside from mention that Kurosawa rehearses his actors for so long that when he shoots, he doesn’t often require more than one take. I guess that makes editing easier.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 26th October 1990 – 23:55

After this, there’s a trailer for 283 useful ideas from Japan and another look at programmes for Saturday.

Then David Allen wishes us a good night as BBC 2 closes down.


  • Molson Canadian Lager – Jim Dunk
  • Twins on video
  • Hardware in cinemas
  • Healthcrafts


  1. I’ve always found Clive Anderson really quick-witted and funny, so it slightly dismays me to read every time he is on the blog that you get people slagging him off online. It was a comedy show!

    1. Funnily enough I think it was Denis Healey who complained after the show that they’d edited out all of his funny lines to make Clive look good, and the producer said “We’re a comedy show, if we had some funny lines we’d have left them in”.

  2. Clive Anderson presented an award to the firm I work for 2 years ago. It was for Small Business Of The Year. He looked a bit taller to me than usual. I prefer him to Clive James anyday. Very witty and his insulting of the Bee Gees in 1997 was classic comedy gold. Remember when my brother and I watched a repeat of his first ever Channel 4 talk show and laughed at his joke about Saddam Hussein setting fire to some sheep.

  3. Your Richard Pryor mistaken identity reminds me of a story I heard Barry Cryer tell years ago (I forget the programme) whereby Nicholas Parsons, who’d never heard of Pryor was having his colourful backstory explained to him “Raised in a brothel, time in prison, drink, drugs, mental breakdowns, seriously burned and almost killed trying to freebase crack cocaine” Parsons is visibly shocked. Later that evening Cryer overhears him chatting to another group saying “have you heard about Richard Briers…”

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