Star Trek – The Next Generation – tape 1013

Here’s a fairly random tape. It’s got three episodes of Star Trek – The Next Generation on it, all recorded from Sky One. First it’s Hide And Q, a first season episode I looked at not too long ago.

Next, an episode I looked at really recently, Home Soil, the ones with the aliens that called us ‘Ugly Bags of Mostly Water’

Finally, over to season 2 for A Matter Of Honour. There’s an exchange student from the Academy, and Wesley thinks his his friend from when he failed to get in last time, but it’s just someone “from the same geostructure” So Wesley just basically You-all-look-the-same-d an alien. Well done, racist.

Picard and Riker are playing something that looks more boring than every single videogame that currently exists. Picard offers Riker a chance to go to a Klingon vessel on the exchange program.

Riker is trying out some Klingon food before his posting. Looks like he’s as bad as me for over-ordering dishes.

God, Klingon Bollocks is so tiresome. Riker has to beat up his subordinate officer just to assert his authority.

At least Riker gets to be captain of the ship, and manages to avoid a rather violent incident.

After this, recording stops, and underneath there’s a short bit of what looks like one of those European soft-porn movies that Sky would occasionally put on late at night, judging by the amount of gratuitous nudity.

After a few minutes of this, that recording stops, and there’s another underneath. This looks like some courtroom drama about a badly injured woman. I don’t recognise anyone.

The tape ends during this programme.


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