Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Angel – tape 2753

There’s a fair few Buffy and Angel tapes coming up, and I apologise for the random order that we’re looking at them, but I didn’t make the rules. No wait, I did make the rules. Well I’m sorry about that too.

I tend to ignore the sponsored bumpers on these episodes. Right now, it’s something called ‘mykindaplace.com’ which appears to have disappeared from the internet by now.

First on this tape, Buffy The Vampire SlayerTough Love. Buffy is finding it hard to adjust to being the grown-up in the family, after the recent unfortunate event in the episode The Body. She’s dropping out of college to concentrate on looking after Dawn.

Meanwhile, the big bad of the season, Glory, now knows that the key she’s seeking is actually a human being, but she doesn’t know who.

This is a slow burning episode, with a lot of human issues being dealt with (or not dealt with). Willow and Tara have a quarrel, as Tara is insecure in the relationship, and doesn’t believe Willow will stick around.

The slow pace of the start of the episode pays off, though, when Tara is at the fair, and suddenly, Glory is there, having guessed (wrongly) that Tara is the key, because she’s the newest member of the group. And when Glory learns she’s wrong, she does the fingers in the head thing that turns Tara into a mumbling wreck.

Willow decides enough is enough, and breaks out the advanced textbook. I like that there’s no ambiguity here. This is the Darkest Magick. There is none more Dark.

We get to see Willow unleashed, cool at the time, and on a rewatch, a foreshadowing of things to come.

I have to admit, even though I’ve watched this episode quite recently, in a big rewatch with the family, this episode still made me cry. I still haven’t really come to terms with all the things they did to Tara.

It ends on a massive cliffhanger, too, as Glory comes to their room, rips off the front wall, and then Tara looks at Dawn and can see her glowing as the key – something that it’s been established more than once that victims of Glory’s mind zapping can do – so now Glory knows Dawn is the key. As cliffhangers go, this is right up there.

After this, because they were running in sync, there’s AngelBelonging. The team are bonding at a company meal to celebrate Cordelia getting a modelling job.

Angel gets mad at the shoot when the scuzzy commercial director is sexist and demeaning to Cordelia, but she gets him to back off because it will hurt her career.

A monster appears through a portal in Caritas, while The Host is singing Stevie Wonder. The Host comes to Angel and asks for it to be killed.

Cordy has another vision, of a woman and a similar portal to the one in the Host’s club.

If she looks familiar, it’s because it’s Amy Acker, as Fred.

Who has actually been missing from the library for five years.

They find a book that Fred was reading when she disappeared, and when Cordy reads from it, another portal appears, and someone else comes through – someone from the Host’s place of birth.

While they’re out finding the monster, Gunn’s friends take on a nest of vampires, and one of them is killed.

The rest of them say goodbye to the Host’s friend, and he returns via the portal. Trouble is, so does Cordelia, who finds herself somewhere with two suns, in the middle of a wood.

Recording switches to next week’s Buffy The Vampire SlayerSpiral. There’s some running away, and one of my least favourite things in movies and TV – she’s hit by a speeding truck. This has become so common that now, every time I see a character standing on a road facing some other characters, I’m always waiting for the inevitable speeding vehicle. My main grouse about this is that, these are fairly straight roads, the characters are just standing in the middle of the road, why don’t the drivers brake as soon as they see them? Instead of just slamming into them, seemingly at top speed.

It gives Buffy et al a chance to get away, as Glory suddenly turns back into Ben, the dishy doctornurse (I forget which) who Buffy was keen on, but is just Glory’s less evil alter ego.

Buffy and the gang head out of town in a recreational vehicle. It’s got tinfoil on the window so Spike can drive.

Unfortunately, there’s an army of knights, who are after the key to destroy it before Glory can get it. I’m not sure what the temporary fault is – the picture looks OK. It might be the sound, because the stereo sounds a bit strange, but you can still hear it.

Giles is hit by a spear and the RV crashes, so they take refuge in an abandoned gas station. Buffy calls the only person she knows that can help – Ben.

And inevitably, Ben turns back into Glory, grabs Dawn and leaves. It’s an even bleaker cliffhanger than last time

Following this, AngelOver the Rainbow. An overt Wizard of Oz reference in the title, and Cordelia even tries tapping her heels together three times, but she’s still somewhere strange. She’s chased by a hellbeast-looking creature that turns out to be about as dangerous as a soppy dog, but its master ties up Cordelia, describing her as a cow. It’s not a good time for Cordelia.

She’s sold to someone, has to wear a pain collar, and generally, things aren’t looking good. Then another human woman finds her and talks to her – it’s Fred, the woman from the library, although Cordy doesn’t see her properly.

Back on Earth, Wesley has worked out how to get through the portal safely, so He, Angel, Gunn and Lorne, the Host, drive through in Angel’s car. Angel is rather happy to find that in this dimension, the sun doesn’t make him catch fire.

While they’re trying to find information about Cordelia, it’s discovered that Cordelia has visions, so she has to undergo some unspecified, and probably painful testing to find out if she does have ‘the curse’.

The gang don’t stay incognito for very long, and end up captured.

They’re brought before the leader of this place, and after a dramatic build-up, the leader’s identity is a rather good reveal for the end of the episode.

I remember being quite relieved at the comic turn this series was taking right about now. It feels like a conscious choice by the show-runners to counterpoint the very serious and dark direction that Buffy was taking at the same time. These episodes helped to offset the sense of despair in Buffy at the time.

After this episode, recording continues briefly with the start of Critters. It always seemed a bit odd when Sky One showed movies, since they had several channels devoted to them, but I suppose it’s a thing when your service is carved up into subscriptions of various sizes. The tape ends shortly into the movie.


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  1. Hi! Are you copying any of your VHS’s to DVD and would you consider selling a copy if so? I remember enjoying, “A Masculine Ending” (tape 601) but it isn’t commercially available and I’d like to show it to my mum as I think she missed it first time around. If you can let me know I’d appreciate this. From time to time I do a search for it to buy on dvd- but I think you have the only copy! If there’s a way you can make it available or upload it to youtube- I’d love to see it again. Many thanks, Helen

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