Max Headroom – tape 710

On this tape, three episodes from the US series Max Headroom, a spin-off/remake of the original single-episode UK version that launched the character as a host of a Pop Video show.

In the first episode here, Deities, Edison has moral qualms about exposing a sham religion channel. Gregory Itzin makes a brief appearance working for the Religion channel.

Next it’s Grossberg’s Return. Former Network 23 executive Ned Grossberg returns working for Network 66. There’s an election going on, and in this world, politicians are elected by viewing figures of the networks that support  them. A bit like America, really.

An early appearance from Rosalind Chao off of Star Trek, as a rookie reporter who gets footage of a rival politician having an illicit affair.

And representing Babylon 5 in the green corner, Andreas Katsulas plays one of the Network 66 executives.

The next episode is Dream Thieves. An old reporter rival of Edison’s is selling his dreams to a small TV start-up, and dies in the process. He’s called Paddy Ashton, which I always hear as Paddy Ashdown, so that’s a bit odd.

It’s nice to see semi-regular character Blank Reg return in this episode, played by W Morgan Sheppard.

I quite enjoy these episodes, but they really are crying out for a remaster, as the NTSC post production on this is as murky as hell. That’s assuming they shot it all on film, and that anyone bothered to keep the negatives. For such a heavily designed show, it’s a realy shame that the picture quality lets it down.

After the last episode, Channel 4 closes down.


  • Abbey National
  • Ariel
  • Twix
  • Thomson Local Directory
  • Tango
  • Kwik Fit
  • trail: Farenheit 451
  • Qualcast
  • Bold
  • Inxs – Kick
  • Bourjois
  • Halifax
  • Dairy Crunch
  • Currie Motors
  • Ariel
  • My Stepmother is an Alien in cinemas
  • Thomson Local Directory
  • Miller Lite
  • Simple
  • Daz
  • AA Autoquote
  • Anytime joke line
  • Tartar Control Crest
  • Wella
  • trail: Friday on Four
  • Buster on Video
  • Coca Cola
  • London Weekly Advertiser
  • Kodacolor Gold
  • Clannad – Pastpresent
  • Tartar Control Crest
  • Daz
  • TV Times
  • Keep Britain Tidy
  • London Weekly Advertiser
  • The Singer and the Song
  • VW
  • The Mortgage Corporation – Barry Norman
  • Taboo/Mirage
  • BP
  • Mississippi Burning in cinemas
  • London Weekly Advertiser
  • Have You Locked Your Car?
  • trail: The Story of Merseybeat


  1. I loved this show. I saw Blade Runner back in 1982 and it’s been my favourite film ever since, and Max Headroom was like having Blade Runner on the telly. Of course it wasn’t, really,, but it seemed to be. I suppose all that cyberpunk styling has dated horribly but I would love to see it on dvd or better still Blu-ray. Not a chance in hell obviously.

    1. It was released on DVD in the US about ten years ago, I imported it, and while I enjoyed it as the post above points out it did look very murky.

  2. Getting reacquainted with Steve Roberts’ CV. I would love to have written for “Max Headroom” AND “Darkwing Duck.”

  3. I heard about the Max Headroom spin-off series. My sister and I sometimes watched his show where he hosted the latest pop videos and I think she used to imitate him.

    Andreas Katsulas used to play a lot of baddies in stuff like Someone To Watch Over Me and The Death Of The Incredible Hulk.

    BTW VHistory, did you ever tape ITV’s Night Network?

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