It! The Terror From Beyond Space – Roseanne – The Groovy Fellers – tape 656

Today, something a little less highbrow. It’s It! The Terror From Beyond Space.

It starts with a landscape – it’s Mars, where a space mission crashed, and there was only one survivor.

There’s a strange scene right at the start, where reporters are briefed with much the same information as the initial voiceover gave us, and when he announces that the sole survivor is being brought back to face trial for the murders of the rest of his crew, all the reporters leap out of their seats and rush out of the room, so I hope he’d finished.

On the ship, the survivor, Carruthers, is grilled about what happened. He’s told them that creatures of some kind murdered the rest of the crew, but they’re convinced he murdered the crew to maximise his chances of survival until rescue.

But there’s definitely something nasty lurking on the ship.

It’s not long before it starts bumping off the crew. A couple go missing, and they go looking in the ship’s vents – you can see the inspiration this film was on Dan O’Bannon’s script for Alien.

It makes short work of their weapons.

I’m confident in saying that HR Giger had no part in the design of It!

This is the second tape in a row where somebody uses a blowtorch as a weapon. If that isn’t a massive coincidence, I don’t know what is.

In the end they also have to open the airlocks to solve the problem.

And, perhaps because the makers had no faith in the viewers understanding the story, we’re back with the boring guy explaining the plot to reporters again. These really feel like stupid studio additions.

After this, recording switches, and it’s the pilot episode of Roseanne. I didn’t even know I had this.

Look how young they were.

So, so young, even Sara Gilbert

In fact, so young that DJ is played by a completely different actor, Sal Barone,

Talking of young, it also features a very young George Clooney, who clearly hasn’t realised how good looking he would be with sensible hair.

Next, it’s The Groovy Fellers. A programme that exists only because Jools Holland swore on live TV. It’s gimmick is that Rowland Rivron plays a Martian. Not a homicidal Martian like in It! which is sad, because that might have made it more interesting.

In pace of being interesting, they have a Rolls Royce with a cut down roof. I don’t know why this is supposed to be interesting, but this is something they went on about a lot in publicity.

They meet an old photographer, but we’re given no context to his background. We’re apparently supposed to know him because he was on The Tube.

They visit a couple who live near a power station.

Then they travel to a castle in Scotland and attend a party full of posh people.

This really is tiresome in the extreme. A show that’s not interested in anything or anyone.

After this, the very start of It’s Showtime at the Apollo and the tape ends.

In the ad breaks, there’s a Greene King IPA advert featuring (I think) Neil Innes.


  • Canada
  • Comet
  • Centerparcs
  • Anchor Butter
  • Brook Street – Lois Maxwell
  • Greene King IPA – Neil Innes
  • Diet Pepsi – Michael J Fox
  • Sellotape Double Glazing Film
  • Penguin
  • Bic Microglide
  • Sanatogen
  • Mr Kipling
  • Lamot
  • Mail on Sunday
  • American Express
  • The Marquee 30 Legendary Years
  • Bernard Matthews Turkey Drummers
  • Ireland
  • trail: thirtysomething
  • Ikea
  • Carlsberg
  • Brook Street – Lois Maxwell
  • Metro GTa
  • Federal Express
  • Selfridges
  • trail: The Abduction of Kari Swenson
  • Lunn Poly
  • Greene King IPA – Neil Innes
  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk
  • HIV and drugs
  • Nat West
  • trail: The Harp in the South


  1. George Clooney, Joss Whedon, a lot of future names pulled into Roseanne’s orbit… If things had turned out differently the revived “Roseanne” or even “The Conners”would be sucking up airtime on Channel 4(or 5)as we speak.

  2. Obviously you wouldn’t post a screengrab of this, but doesn’t Roland Rivron appear completely naked at the start of The Groovy Fellers (apart from his antennae)? That’s the only thing I remember about it, if I’m thinking of the same programme. Although I do remember not laughing.

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