LA Law – Bite the Ballot – Anything more would be Greedy – tape 764

First on this tape, the last episode of Season Three of LA LawConsumed Innocent. Grace is prosecuting a Jerry Springer/Jeremy Kyle type, after someone was killed by a mob after his programme. The host is played by JT Walsh.

Armin Shimerman plays a man whose snake swallowed a prize pig.

Another familiar face is Don Opper, playing the man who killed JT Walsh’s guest. You might remember him as Max 404 in Android.

After this episode, recording switches to Channel 4, and a one-off political comedy show by the South African playwright Pieter-Dirk Uys. It’s his one-man show featuring lots of different South African characters, and, to be honest, there are very few jokes.

After this, an episode of Anything more would be Greedy. This is the final episode, Georgian Silver, so I won’t have a clue what’s happening.

Robert Bathurst plays a politician.

Stephen Fry plays a more senior politician.

This is a rather turgid drama about business in the 80s. It’s written by Malcolm Bradbury, and I get the feeling that he hated every single character in it. Plus, it’s shot on video, and as a result it looks terrible. Flat, low contrast, ugly pictures, and all the characters are dressed in 80s power suits. Plus, there’s a character called Jonquil, which must qualify as some kind of crime against media.

The tape ends right after this. Quite disappointing, as I wanted to find a hidden gem here.


  1. I can picture ITV viewers watching that “L.A.Law” and smugly thinking “That kind of thing could never happen here..”

  2. Never watched LA Law. I think my sister did but that episode sure sounds relevant to today considering the recent Jeremy Kyle scandal. I remember when he used to host a talk show on Virgin 1215 in the early ’00s as Jezza and I had to record it as part of my coursework in the 1st year of my English degree. It involved looking at discourse analysis and conversation.

    You’d think Anything More Would Be Greedy would be funny with the presence of the great Stephen Fry.

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