One Hour With Jonathan Ross – tape 856

One nice thing about One Hour with Jonathan Ross is that it dates itself. Literally. I like to know when these tapes came from, and for shows not on the BBC it’s harder to find out. I am usually reliant on regular commenter Kapo for accurate dating of ITV and C4 shows (it’s appreciated, Kapo) but this show has the broadcast date right in the titles. So this went out on the 9th February 1990. It’s the second series, going out at 10:30 on a Friday night – I think the first series was a teatime programme, but I could be wrong.

The first guest is Sadie Nine, a singer who’s very big in Russia, despite hailing from Camberwell.

Music from Lloyd Cole, who sings ‘Little Sister’.

Photographer Herb Ritts

Speciality act Sheik Michael puts needles through his skin.

Writer of Tales of the City Armistead Maupin. It’s interesting to hear him talk about the possibility of a TV version. “I’ve been teased by Channel 4” he says, but then calls Hollywood the most homophobic place on Earth. The TV version would be made three years later, and it’s just had a new version made recently.

John Lydon is the last guest.

The show has overrun, and there’s no time for a musical guest, Queen B.

The show closes with another song from Lloyd Cole.

The next episode, from the 16th February, starts with a joke about Spangles.

Guest Billy Boy has a new doll out to compete with Barbie.

Returning from last week to perform, Queen B.

Professor Tom Dardis has written a book about writers and alcoholism.

The next guest is actor Peter Elliott, who regularly performs as apes in films like Greystoke and Gorillas in the Mist.

Music from Julee Cruise

The final guest is Rick Moranis. At one point he says “I know what’s wrong, I’m on the wrong side.” Because all chat shows in the US have the guest on stage left, but for this show (and Clive Anderson) the guest is stage right.

The tape ends after this episode – it’s a short tape today.

In the ads – one for Ross Microwave meals. It features Ken Russell, but I don’t know if it was actually directed by him, as it implies.

P.S. Sorry for the late upload on this one – I usually have a backlog of posts ready to go, but I haven’t quite caught up.


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      1. What I am interested in some sort of recordings related to film. For example, BBC2 and the 100 Years of Cinema and even Channel 4’s season Century of Cinema.

      2. Were you ever a fan of Due South? It would be cool if you had any copies of that as it began in 1995. My brother and I watched it all the time but we lost interest when Sgt. Ray Vecchio was replaced by Ray Kowalski.

  1. Did Peter Elliott do his “climbing over the set and guests” shtick like he did on Wogan (and other places)? Always a winner.

    Funny seeing Rick Moranis, I was thinking about him last night after the Michael McDonald adulation on Katie Puckrik’s excellent Yacht Rock doc on BBC4. I was half hoping they would show the sketch from SCTV with Rick playing Michael rushing to the studio to perform backing vocals. It’s difficult to describe why it’s so funny, but it is hilarious.

  2. Used to watch Jonathan Ross’ 6pm show on Channel 4 in the early ’90s. Remember him interviewing Bruce Dickinson and Jean Claude Van Damme, two of my childhood heroes.

  3. The first series of One Hour with Jonathan Ross was on Sundays at nine, it was the ill-fated follow-up Tonight with Jonathan Ross that went out three nights a week at teatime. I think One Hour was considered something of a flop, hence it moving back to the more familiar Friday slot. The only thing anyone remembers from it now is the altercation between Paul Morley and Tony Colsten-Haytor (“You do that again, I’m gonna thump ya!”).

    Sadie Nine appeared on an episode of 3-2-1 they repeated on Challenge a few years back in her double act with Paul “You Are The Ref” Trevillion, where she would sing and Trevilion would draw an appropriate picture to accompany it.

    I remember Rick Moranis, on that same promotional trip, appearing on Going Live because I remember Lionel Blair turned up with his grandson, because his grandson was such a big fan of Moranis and Blair had phoned up and asked if they could come and meet him.

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