Film 89 – tape 707

Here’s some episodes of Film 89 with the first episode looking at the following films:

Tom Brook looks at the latest hollywood trend – looking at racism and the civil rights movement. There’s an awkward moment when a movie executive is asked why so many of these films about the Civil Rights movement feature a largely white cast, and it’s rare to see black actors in them. “There’s a young man who is an informant for the FBI. Albeit he has a paper bag over his head”

BBC Genome: BBC One – 25th April 1989 – 22:55

In the next episode, Barry Norman reviews the following films:

There’s a look at Lauren Bacall’s career, as she’s working on a low budget British film Tree of Hands.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 2nd May 1989 – 22:35

The next episode is a Cannes special, with this first film looking at some of the films showing at the festival, including:

There’s also a discussion about why there are no British films selected for competition.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 16th May 1989 – 22:30

Before the next episode there’s the end of Inside Story, a documentary about psychics. This part has Jackie Stallone, and the researcher is talking to her son Sylvester, asking what he thinks about his mother’s psychic abilities. It’s quite amusing because he hangs up, then Jackie herself phones him and he moans that she should have let him know in advance about the call, then she asks why he was going to the gym on a motorcycle without security.

There’s an advert for the Radio Times.

Then, more Film 89. This episode is also from Cannes, and this one was about the business of Cannes. There’s a piece about tabloid film writers chasing interviews, Loyd kaufman of Troma sells Toxic Avenger as the best hope for World Peace, Lenny Henry does stand-up to promote Live and Unleashed, and most interesting, it follows Steven Soderbergh, there for his first film, Sex Lies and Videotape.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 24th May 1989 – 22:30

The last episode here sees reviews of the following films:

In his review of Beaches, Barry praises the young actor playing the young Bette Midler – it’s Mayim Bialik off of Big Bang Theory.

Tom Brook reports from the set of Tap.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 30th May 1989 – 23:05



  1. ‘Big Bang Theory” Pah! Mayim Bialik will always be Blossom first and foremost to me. Before she became problematic.

  2. Never watched Blossom. Saw a few tidbits but I was more into The Wonder Years.

    Mississipi Burning is a classic movie. I bet Barry Norman gave it a glowing review. Gene Hackman was excellent.

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