Day: April 27, 2019

Wogan – Quantum Leap – tape 846

This tape opens with a bit of an episode of Wogan featuring an interview with Ben Elton.


On a personal note, the sound supervisor was Adrian Bishop-Laggett, who was the father of one of my colleagues in my first job as a programmer.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 12th February 1990 – 19:00

After this, we have Quantum Leap and it’s the first episode. And Al is already leching over women.

It’s not just Al who’s sexist. Sam’s first jump is into a test pilot (cue loads of footage from The Right Stuff) and he’s married to a pregnant wife. “Even at six months I found her incredibly beautiful.” Wow.

It gets worse when Sam has to fill in a questionnaire designed to see if travelling at supersonic speeds leads to memory loss, so he fills it in, with all his Sam memories, including “What was the biggest impact on me in High School – Mini Skirts. What had the most negative impact? Pantyhose.” God, Sam, what a douche you were. That’s Bruce McGill as his commanding officer, by the way.

When his wife goes into labour prematurely, he gets her drunk, although this time it’s not sexism, it’s (apparently) science.

Having saved his wife and baby, Sam leaps, and this feature length episode has a second leap. It’s baseball, so I’m immediately at a disadvantage when it comes to liking this.

However, there’s a scene where Sam phones his father (who’s dead in his present) and talks to him that’s just beautiful, so I was in tears.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 13th February 1990 – 21:00

Before the next episode, Food and Drink looks at food in prisons. Did you know that Howard Jones moonlighted as a prison governor?

There’s a trailer for Land of the Eagle.

Then, another episode of Quantum LeapStar Crossed. It has Sam doing the voice-over at the start. Teri Hatcher appears as Donna, a woman Sam was supposed to marry, but she left him at the altar. He thinks this is a chance to correct that, by reuniting her with her estranged father.

Al tries to help Sam, against the wishes of the other people at the Quantum Leap lab, and when he’s trying to communicate with Sam secretly, they find him and drag him out of the chamber.

There’s an almost throwaway ending where Sam takes Donna to meet her father in Washington, and he’s staying in the Watergate hotel at the same time as the break-in.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 20th February 1990 – 21:00

After this, there’s a trailer for The Comic Strip Presents: Oxford. Then the tape ends.