The Wonder Years – tape 814

Lots more episodes of The Wonder Years now. In Brightwing, Kevin’s sister, Olivia d’Abo,  is now a hippie.

In the past she used to cosplay as Jessie from Toy Story

Even Kevin joins in with the hippie fun.

The next episode is Square Dance. Cutlip has to teach the kids. “Square Dancing. What is it? And what can it do for you?”

Kevin is mortified to be paired with Margaret Farquar, the weird girl. School is horrible like this. I can remember people being horrible to ‘the weird kid’. And I can remember me not being brave enough to call their behaviour out, despite knowing it was wrong. Peer pressure is an appalling thing. And Kevin doesn’t do any better in this episode. Despite Margaret being a really cool kid. She has a bat and a tarantula, for God’s sake.

It’s obviously Superbowl season for the next episode.

This episode is Whose Woods Are These? The local woods are going to be bulldozed for a shopping mall. Again, this rings a few bells. When I was young, we lived on the edge of our town, and right behind our house were fields. We’d play in the local woods all the time. And then, for years, they were planning to build a bypass road through the fields, about 200 yards from our back fence. I remember when the surveyors came around with their measuring sticks. I was probably 7 or 8 when this process started.

But these things take a long time. The bypass wasn’t even started until I’d left school and was working. And I’d left home and bought my own house by the time it was opened, so even that part of it never directly affected me. I was lucky to have those fields and woods for my entire childhood.

Now, even the fields that were left between our old house and the bypass have been developed, so every time I’d visit my parents, I’d look out at the garden, and there were these large house all round. It was strange. Like the house had been transplanted into a movie set.

But I do remember when this was all fields.

So I sympathise with Kevin wanting to preserve his local woods.

Raye Birk makes a guest appearance as the assistant principal. He’s familiar as Walt Twitchell, Cliff’s occasional nemesis from the post office.

Next it’s How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation. I wonder if these home movie sections were actually just shot on super 8, rather than post-processed.

Coach Cutlip gets emotional at the end of the school year.

The next episode is Summer Song. The Arnolds are going on vacation.

Kevin meets an older girl on vacation (Winne has written that she’s going out with someone else) and they have a fun time until she has to go home. Is this a bit like the Bochco thing of schlubby men being with far more attractive women? That Kevin appears to be irresistible to girls who really wouldn’t be remotely interested with someone that young.

The next episode is Mom Wars. Kevin is playing rough football, and his mom doesn’t like it.

Next it’s Wayne on Wheels. Kevin’s brother learns to drive, and Kevin falls in love with another random girl.

Juliette Lewis has a semi-regular role as Kevin’s brother’s girlfriend Delores.

After this, recording stops. Underneath there’s a tiny bit of BBC2 testcard before that recording stops.


  • Volvo 440
  • Otrivine
  • trail: Gophers
  • Shreddies/Shredded Wheat/Ghostbusters
  • Improve Your Golf
  • Lamot
  • Creme Eggs
  • The Real McCoys
  • Duracell
  • Radian B
  • First Direct
  • trail: Brookside/Desmond’s
  • Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum
  • Carlsberg
  • Walker’s Crisps
  • Levi 501
  • First Direct
  • First Direct
  • Pan Am
  • Munch Bunch
  • Post-it
  • Esso
  • Carlsberg
  • The Fly II on video
  • trail: The Crystal Maze
  • First Direct
  • Intercity
  • Carlsberg
  • Woolmark
  • Canada

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