Day: April 18, 2019

Drop The Dead Donkey – tape 958

Here’s some episodes from a repeat showing of Drop The Dead Donkey, which is handy as they include a very brief contextualizing introduction, read by Geoffrey McGivern if I’m not mistaken.

This is the very first episode, so there’s a bit of scene setting, to explain what kind of a reporter Damien is. “A child’s teddy bear, poking pathetically through the rubble.”

There’s a surprise appearance from Shahnaz Pakravan as a woman being interviewed by Damien after a disaster.

In the next episode, Sally’s Arrival, Sally Smedley arrives as a new newsreader.

There’s a rare glimpse of the Globelink on screen graphics – we very rarely see any on-air stuff in the show.

The next episode is A Blast from the Past – we’ve skipped an episode. Damien has done a report on a slum landlord, and he happens to be Alex’s ex-husband.

The next episode is Old Father Time. There’s an appearance from Nigel Pegram off of Robert’s Robots.

Henry’s Great-Nephew Jack Davenport (not that one) visits the office to see what a newsroom is like. Everyone in the office starts to wonder if they’re getting old.

The next episode is Sex, Lies and Audiotape. George is unwilling to run a story from an anonymous source. Nice to see a guest appearance from Kenny Ireland. They record Sally having sex as she’s wearing a radio mike. I understand there’s a similar story about a famous BBC newscaster, but I won’t name them in case it’s untrue.

The anonymous story might have come from someone who broke the official secrets act, and George gets a visit from the rozzers.

The tape of Sally’s tryst, where she calls her partner ‘my viking’ is a running gag.

The next episode is The New Approach and after weeks of only hearing his voice during the introductions, we get to see Geoff McGivern in the flesh, as an expert brought in to deal with stress in the workplace.

Henry has his stress measured.

The next episode is The Root of All Evil. Damien is trying to film a crowd of people desperately grabbing at bread, but he doesn’t have the budget for enough bread. The arab here is played by Andy Linden, who played John The Watch in Count Arthur Strong.

Sally has a stalker.

After this episode, the recording stops, and underneath there’s a bit of an episode of This Is David Harper – sound the Slatterywatch klaxon.

The tape ends during this episode.


  • Rumbelows
  • H. Samuel – Frank Carson
  • Delta Airlines
  • trail: The Word/DanceDaze
  • Nintendo Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
  • Our Price – Peter Gabriel – Shaking the Tree
  • Stowells of Chelsea
  • Carling Black Label – Squirrel
  • trail: Christmas on Four
  • Lanson
  • Country Collection