Day: April 17, 2019

Ashkenazy in The USSR – CinemAttractions – tape 806

First on this tape, Ashkenazy: Back in The USSR, a documentary and concert where Vladimir Ashkenazy returns to the Soviet Union for the first time since he left 26 years previously.

The first piece is Oliver Knussen’s 3rd Symphony. It’s a very modern piece, which means to me it sounds mostly like the orchestra are just tuning up for 16 minutes. I’m such a philistine.

Much better is Beethoven’s Third piano concerto, with Ashkenazy as the soloist, and conducting from the keyboard. I guess it helps that he’s the principal conductor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, who he brought with him for these concerts, so they know him well enough to be able to follow him while he’s playing.

The final piece is Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony. This is one of my favourite pieces of music, possibly because it was played at the first classical concert I ever went to. When Hemel Hempstead still had a large auditorium, The Pavilion (RIP) my dad bought tickets to a concert there. The main piece he was going to see was Peter Donohoe playing Rachmaninov’s Third Piano Concerto, that’s the one that drove Geoffrey Rush mad in Shine. And at the time I didn’t really know any classical music, so dad lent me a tape of the Rach 3, which I would listen to in the car driving to work, so I’d be familiar with it. But also at the concert, they closed with Tchaikovsky’s Fourth, a piece I hadn’t listened to. If you’ve ever heard it, you’ll know it has a lovely, plaintive second movement, a fun third movement where the strings only play pizzicato, and then the loudest imaginable fourth movement, so loud that during it, bits of insulation were dropping out of the Pavilion ceiling.

So this has always had a special place in my heart, and was probably instrumental (no pun intended) in my listening almost exclusively to Classical music and Movie Soundtracks for most of the 90s.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 11th November 1989 – 19:00

After this, recording switches to ITV and CinemAttractions. The first episode is a look at the films of the Summer of 89. In reverse order, the top ten films of the summer were:

Before the next episode, I want to mention the ITV idents that were running at this time. I really like these idents, even though they do lose the individual personalities of the different regions. But if you’re going to impose a nationwide ident, this isn’t a bad one.

Another episode follows this, with previews of the following films:

Before the next episode, there’s quite a bit of the end of an episode of Crazy Like a Fox.

Then, another Cinemattractions, with trailers and behind the scenes on the following films.

After this episode, the recording continues for a few minutes with some baseball. The tape ends during this.

Does anyone remember ‘Max Skate Bikes’? Sold by Astral Sports, it looks like a small unicycle with stabilisers. I don’t remember them sweeping the nation.


  • Robocop on video
  • The Right Stuff Remix 89
  • Oracle
  • The Greatest Love 3
  • Heinz Spicy Soup
  • Rain Man on video
  • Black & Decker
  • Sanatogen
  • Deep Heat 89
  • LBC
  • Braun Silkepil
  • Juke Box Jive Mix
  • Bonnie + Meatloaf – Heaven and Hell
  • Crimestoppers
  • TV Times
  • The Greatest Love 3
  • Black Tower
  • Woolworths Video
  • Duracell
  • Sanatogen
  • Ghostbusters II in cinemas
  • Gipsy Kings
  • Dairy Box
  • Our Price – Jimmy Somerville – Read My Lips
  • Archers
  • Lentheric
  • Deep Heat 89
  • trail: Tomorrow on ITV
  • Oracle
  • The Very Best of ELO
  • Tennent’s LA
  • Tower Records – Living in a Box – Gatecrashing
  • Mandate
  • Christmas with Nat King Cole
  • The Greatest Hits of 89
  • trail: London’s Burning
  • Eisberg
  • After Eights
  • Tower Records – UB40 – Labour of Love II
  • Strongbow
  • Astral Sports
  • Sleeping Beauty on video – only available for 100 days
  • Coal
  • Woolworth’s – London Boys – The Twelve Commandments of Dance
  • Yellow Pages – French Polishing
  • Christmas with Nat King Cole
  • Philips CD Soundmachine
  • Astral Sports
  • Deep Heat 89
  • Carlsberg
  • The Greatest Love 3