Day: April 15, 2019

Saturday Night At The Movies – tape 854

Sound the Slatterywatch Klaxon, it’s time for Saturday Night At The Movies. Yes, taking a brief break from early 2000s Buffy for something from the late 80s.

After a piece about the new phenomenon of Sell Through video – remember when that was a new thing? Changed my life, definitely.

Then, there’s a horribly sneery piece about Kylie Minogue, which basically says “well she’s popular now but she won’t be for long” which hindsight is laughing like a drain at.

Tony reviews some films:

There’s an interview with Russ Meyer and Kitten Natividad which is strangely awkward. Perhaps Slattery was dying to unleash his usually filthy material, but was holding back.

The next episode is the Christmas special. Yes, we’re still dipping into Christmas.

Various luminaries are asked about their favourite movie of the year. Roland Gift chooses Do The Right Thing.

Roger Moore chose Shirley Valentine

Alexander Walker chooses Sex Lies and Videotape.

Dianne Wiest chooses Crimes and Misdemeanours

Ron Howard chooses Field of Dreams

Stephen Woolley chooses Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown

Patsy Kensit chooses Working Girl but praises ‘Sinead Cusack”s performance – it’s actually Joan Cusack.

The viewers’ poll of best film of the year was the following:

Tony reviews these films:

The critics’ choice of the bext movies of the 80s in ascending order:

And the viewers’ choice from 3 to 1:

I’m with the viewers on this one.

There’s also an interview with Emily Lloyd. “What were you doing at the start of the decade?” “I was ten. I was at school.”

In the next episode, there’s an interview with Sylvester Stallone.

The films reviewed this week are:

Eddi Reader gives her verdict on Let’s Get Lost, about jazz trumpeter Chet Baker.

As does David Bailey

And Ronnie Scott

In the next episode, there’s an interview with Roger Moore.

A look at Special effects with the company Introvision.

There’s reviews of:

Tony talks to Wes Craven

In the next episode, Tony interviews Patsy Kensit. It’s another sneery piece with comments like “If she wants to be taken seriously she’ll have to do more than change the colour of her hair.” Either Slattery or whoever is writing this really seems to hate young actresses.

There’s a piece on Angels costumiers.

Reviews of the following films:

And a preview of Cinema Paradiso with critic Geoff Andrew

And writer David Leland

In the next episode, Jeff and Beau Bridges talk about The Fabulous Baker Boys.

They visit the set of Wild at Heart where Nicolas Cage talks about David Lynch.

In the reviews, Tony looks at the following films:

There’s a profile and interview with John Candy, on the release of Uncle Buck. The piece seems predicated on people in the UK not knowing who John Candy is. But this was after Planes, Trains and Automobiles. It seems like a really bullshit premise for a profile in a film that’s aimed at film fans. Deeply patronising.

The recording stops after this episode, and underneath, there’s part of an episode of The Hit Man and Her. A show so far out of my interest zone it’s trading under WTO rules.

The tape ends during this. I confess I didn’t watch more than a few minutes of it. But I did watch the Maxell ‘Into the Valley’ advert that ran during it.


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  • Tampax
  • Norwich Union
  • Veno’s
  • Sea of Love in cinemas
  • trail: 6 O’Clock Live
  • Maxell
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