Day: April 10, 2019

Tutti Frutti – tape 253

Ian McCaskill opens this tape with some weather.

Then, a trailer for QED and the biological guide to Aids.

Then, the first episode of Tutti FruttiThe Boy Can’t Help It. It opens with a funeral for a musician.

The priest is played by Mr Boswell from Bread.

The funeral is for Big Jazza McGlone, lead singer of the Majestics. We only see him in flashback, played by Robbie Coltrane.

Jazza’s little brother, Danny, turns up at the funeral, the spitting image of his older brother, and also played by Coltrane.

The band’s manager is Eddie Clockerty, played by Richard Wilson. He’s magnificent throughout.

The rest of Jazza’s band, the Majestics, meet to discuss how to salvage their upcoming silver jubilee tour. Lead guitarist is Vincent Diver, played by Maurice Roeves.

Bomba McAteer is the drummer (Stuart McGugan)

Fud O’Donnell is the bass player, played by Jake D’Arcy.

Ron Donachie plays their driver and roadie Dennis.

Having returned to Glasgow for the3 funeral, after five years in New York, he runs into Suzy Kettles, a woman he knew at art school, and they sort of hit it off. Suzy is, of course, played by the wonderful Emma Thompson.

By the end of the episode, Danny has taken his brother’s place in the band for a tryout, prior to their tour.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 3rd March 1987 – 21:30

Before the next episode, Bill Giles does the weather, and there’s a trailer for QED: The World’s Longest Flight.

Then, episode 1 of Tutti FruttiOn The Road Again. I love the lengths Bomba has to go to avoid waking the kids when rehearsing. Not that we ever see the band actually rehearsing.

Danny gets a new suit.

Vincent has brought his (very) young girlfriend on tour. He was originally trying to get her into the band as a replacement for Jazza until Danny turned up.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 10th March 1987 – 21:30

Before the next episode, there’s a trailer for Network.

Then the third episode of Tutti FruttiGin A Body Dig A Body…

Sheena Fisher is doing a documentary about the Majestics.

Bomba and Fud, in a guest house for that day’s gig, have no idea where Danny or Vincent are, and Fud told the venue that the band might be short a member or two. But the venue said that if there aren’t four Majestics on stage that night, they’d kneecap Bomba. So as things are getting frantically close to the gig, Fud can be heard chanting his mantra “Blackanddecker Blackanddecker Blackanddecker”.

Glenna is driving Vincent, Eddie and Miss Toner in the cortina, while Dennis is driving Danny and Suzy in the tour bus.

And you can tell there’s going to be an incident, especially because, as they’re driving here, Vincent and Glenna are crooning together. This is not a safe driving position.

Vincent and Glenna end up in hospital, while Eddie and Miss Toner wait with the car, stuck on the side of the road. And on fire.

Danny makes it to the gig in time, but Vincent’s still with Glenna, who’s being kept in hospital overnight for observation. So the Majestics get a new member as Suzy steps in. Good thing she knows all the songs.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 17th March 1987 – 21:40

The tape ends just after this episode.

There’s a weird thing with Tutti Frutti that I’ve never understood. The first two episodes are shot entirely on film, but with Episode 3 we’re suddenly on video. It’s unlikely to be a creative choice, so I can only assume some sort of budgeting cock-up, maybe a strike, maybe a scheduling problem. I wonder if anyone knows.

It’s still a great show, one that’s entirely about characters, and has such a great cast.