Day: April 7, 2019

Cheers – tape 1097

Here’s a tape packed full of Cheers Season Nine episodes. First, Where Nobody Knows Your Name. the news is full of speculation over the mystery woman for whom Robin Colcord gave himself up. Rebecca is dying for people to find out, so she’s outraged when one of Robin’s exes claims she was Robin’s mystery woman, and becomes famous because of it. She even gets an appearance on Arsenio Hall’s show.

Sam visits Robin in prison (on the tennis court) to ask him to set the record straight for Rebecca.

The next episode is Ma Always Liked You Better. Cliff’s Mum is in town, but she doesn’t want to stay in a hotel, and he doesn’t want to have to host her at his condo, so Woody puts her up, and quickly becomes the favoured son.

Norm gets stuck in a window.

The next episode is Grease. Norm is sad that the Hungry Heifer is closing down.

He manages to get the restaurant declared a landmark meaning the owner can’t sell up. Which is bad for the owner, who was selling to a property developer. So he sets a fire.

The next episode is Breaking in is Hard to Do. Frasier has to look after his son.

Rebecca visits Robin in prison.

Cliff entertains Frederick

And there’s a brilliant gag where Frederick utters his first word – Norm!

Next it’s Bad Neighbor Sam in which Sam meets the new proprietor of Melville’s, John Hill.

Things don’t start well, when Hill discovers that he actually owns Sam’s back room, and walls it up.

In Veggie-Boyd, Woody gets a small part in an advert for ‘Veggie Boy’ vegetable drink.

But when he actually tastes it, he actually hates it, and can’t cash the cheque. So Frasier hypnotises him so he likes it. Only to learn that it’s being discontinued because it tastes horrible.

The last episode here is Norm and Cliff’s Excellent Adventure. Norm and Cliff decide to play a prank on Frasier, and as a result cause Frasier to leave the bar and vow not to return.


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