Day: April 5, 2019

Film 92 – LA Law – tape 1063

Here’s a big clue that this tape was recorded while I was on holiday in Ireland visiting relatives. Although I was in the Republic, they get NI TV on cable.

First, Film 92 and a Cannes film festival special, with lots of interviews. Michael Douglas wanted to make a sex film because they make violent films. Makes you wonder why he chose a movie about violent sex.

Paul Verhoeven is definitely not a misogynist, because he loves women.

Sharon Stone was surprised that her infamous leg crossing scene was so explicit.

Whoopi Goldberg is promoting Sarafina. Talking about the Cannes poster featuring a lot of movie star faces “You know there’s no black people up there… But I must say, Orson Welles is up there as Othello.”

Robert Altman talks about The Player.

Tim Robbins talks about Bob Roberts.

Ridley Scott talks about 1492 Conquest of Paradise (and Carry on Columbus).

James Ivory and Ishmael Merchant are there to talk about Howard’s End. Barry’s first question is “Congratulations on your partnership. 30 years. You must be like an old married couple.” I wonder if Barry knew that they were, in fact, an old married couple in all but an actual marriage, but couldn’t be open about it because of the likely reaction from Merchant’s family.

Emma Thompson is asked how different it is being directed by James Ivory compared with Kenneth Branagh. “I don’t have to cook James dinner every night.”

Helena Bonham Carter is also there promoting the film.

Terence Davies talks about The Long Day Closes.

Sidney Lumet is there to promote A Stranger Among Us.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 20th May 1992 – 22:35

After this, recording switches to Ulster Television, and the end of a documentary about the danger of the old style ‘slam doors’ on British Rail trains.

Then, an episode of LA Law. It’s a Season 6 episode called Back to the Suture. Benny has been looking after a young homeless boy when Social Services turn up with the police to take him into custody. Benny has to petition the court to be made the boy’s legal guardian.

After this, back to Film 92 and Barry looks at the following films:

Barry talks to Albert Finney about his career and his new film The Playboys. Interestingly, he talks about being offered the part of Ghandi by Richard Attenborough in the 60s. That would have been a strange film.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 26th May 1992 – 22:25

There’s one more episode on the tape, wherein Barry looks at:

He also talks to Joe Pesci about My Cousin Vinny.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 2nd June 1992 – 22:20

After this, recording there’s a trailer for Airplane.

Then, the start of More Than a Game, looking at performance enhancing drugs.

After a few minutes of this, that recording stops, and underneath, judging by the title font and the music, it’s the beginning of an episode of The Equalizer.


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