The Flash – tape 1087

After a brief glimpse of the Movie Channel logo, that recording is replaced by an episode of The FlashShroud of Death. A judge is killed by a falling neon sign.

A former District attorney is shot with an arrow while he’s shaking hands with Barry Allen.

Linking the two killings is an old case, the Warriors of Freedom, who were an anarchist group whose leader was executed ten years ago.

The next target is Barry’s boss Garfield, but instead his fiancee is shot.

The culprit is the Anarchist leader’s daughter, Angel.

She traps Garfield in a house with a pressure sensitive pad.

Garfield almost kills Angel, but stops himself in the end. And He and his fiancee get married.

The next episode is Ghost in the Machine. Back in the 50s, Nightshade was the hero.

The Ghost was the villain.

Barry and Tina are helping out with a Telethon.

In response to the Ghost reappearing in 1990, Nightshade prepares to come out of retirement, played by Jason Bernard.

The last episode here is Sight Unseen. Nice Matte Painting of the city.

There’s a contamination lockdown, trapping Tina and her colleague Ruth Werneke, after an invisible man releases a toxin, setting off the cutely named Toxi Alarm.

Barry’s trying to help them from the outside, but then the Feds get involved, and start interfering. Those lousy Feds, always getting in the way.

The bad guy, Gideon, is played by Christopher Neame, another British actor who keeps popping up in genre TV in the US.


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