ER – tape 2153

Over to Channel 4 for some season 2 ER episodes.

First, Home. Dr Carter seems to do nothing but pursue young women. In this episode it’s another young doctor.

Adam Goldberg, Chandler’s scary roommate in Friends, plays a young man with mental issues.

Piper Laurie makes an appearance as Dr Ross’s mother.

Dr Green’s wife and daughter are in a traffic accident in Milwaukee, so he rushes to see them, and learns that his wife is in love with a man she met there.

The next episode, skipping a couple, is The Right Thing.

James Farentino turns up as Dr Ross’ estranged father.

CCH Pounder plays Dr Hicks

Red Buttons plays a man who lost his wife.

There’s a tiny appearance from a pre-Phantom Menace Jake Lloyd

Ving Rhames plays Benton’s brother in law.

The next episode is Baby Shower. A lot of babies are being born in the ER. Lindsay Crouse plays a doctor who postponed her chemotherapy for breast cancer when she discovered she was pregnant.

The final episode here is called The Healers. There’s some nice fire stunts when a building catches fire.

Gregory Itzin makes a small appearance as a burns specialist.

Kathleen Wilhoite reappears as Dr Lewis’ sister, just as she’s preparing to finalise the adoption of her daughter.

After this, recording continues briefly, and there’s a news report on an explosion in Earl’s Court. I think that would place this broadcast at Thursday 18th April 1996.

The recording ends just after this.


  • trail: A River Runs Through It
  • Lloyd’s Bank
  • The Times
  • Walker’s – Win Disneyland Paris tickets
  • Toy Story in cinemas
  • Frosties
  • Vauxhall Corsa – Ruby Wax
  • Hulsta
  • Tetley
  • Hellmann’s
  • Radio Rentals
  • Fiat Punto – Neil Stuke
  • Sgt Bilko in cinemas
  • General Accident
  • trail: The Gaby Roslin Show
  • Audi A8
  • The X-Files on video
  • Cellnet
  • Orbit/Extra
  • The Equitable Life
  • Tampax
  • KFC
  • Mitsubishi
  • AA Insurance
  • Bacardi
  • Kodak Fun Camera
  • British Gas
  • trail: NYPD Blue
  • Roysters
  • Revlon Colorstay
  • TGI Friday’s
  • Peperami Hot
  • Peugeot 306
  • Legends of the Fall on video
  • Organics
  • Alex Lawrie
  • Alex Lawrie
  • L’Oreal Colour Endure
  • Cheltenham & Gloucester
  • Nissan
  • Johnson’s Baby Bath
  • Johnson’s pH 5.5
  • trail: Near Dark
  • Diet Coke
  • British Gas – Mrs Merton
  • Carling No 1
  • Sun Alliance
  • Rennie
  • National Lottery Instants
  • trail: The Gaby Roslin Show

One comment

  1. Considering “St. Elsewhere” had one of the doctors be a serial rapist Carter definitely could’ve been worse..

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