Day: October 11, 2018

Bugs – Chicago Hope – tape 1990

First on this tape, Bugs, and a Stephen Gallagher written episode called Stealth. I like the opening, at a photoshoot for a prototype new car.

Two women turn up as models for the presentation, referred to as ‘bimbos’ by the guy in charge. So I wasn’t 100% surprised when they stole the prototype car.

They were hired to steal the car, but thee one they stole was just the body on a regular chassis. Julie Graham plays one of the car thieves.

The big secret of the car is that it has a safety system which takes over the car if it’s being driven dangerously. Autonomous cars in 1995.

When your sophisticated tracker is actually an LCD monitor

There’s also a Plutonium powered truck that’s had a bomb installed, and Beckett has to try to defuse it.

Ros gets some action.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 6th May 1995 – 20:05

The next episode is Manna From Heaven. The show’s budget for explosive stunts is fairly good.

Beckett has an HP Deskjet in his car.

Another nice car stunt.

The plot revolves around a revolutionary new food, Phodex, which has one tiny flaw – it turns toxic when exposed to Ultraviolet Light. Seems like a major flaw.

The ultimate villain is a woman who wants to put the toxic Phodex into London’s water supply, but she ends up falling from a great height.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 20th May 1995 – 20:15

After this, recording continues, and there’s a trailer for programmes on Sunday including The Vet (featuring Richard Hawley, also seen yesterday in Prime Suspect).

Then there’s an episode of Chicago Hope. I was trying to place Margaret Colin, who plays Dr Antonovich in this episode, as her face was so familiar, but I had to resort to iMDb to recall that she was the President’s press secretary in Independence Day. Her story comes to a tragic end in this episode.

A very young Jon Favreau plays a junior doctor.

Look. There’s a horse in the hospital.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 20th May 1995 – 21:05

There’s a trailer for The Hanging Gale starring the McCann brothers. And for The Vet.

Then the recording ends during a BBC News bulletin, the lead story being the Nolan report into political ‘sleaze’.