Highlander – tape 1671

Not the (slightly overrated) movie, I’m afraid, but the surprisingly long-running TV spin-off. This is the pilot episode, judging by the Christopher Lambert guest appearance.

Star Adrian Paul spends a good 50% of this episode with his shirt off. In fact, with the sound off, it looks dangerously like a straight to video ‘erotic thriller’ occasionally.

Co-star Alexandra Vandernoot also spends some of her time with her shirt off, which adds to the tacky vibe. She doesn’t get much to do except get cross with the Highlander for not telling her he was a 400 year old immortal swordsman.

There’s another co-star, Stan Kirsch, who is literally the most boring character imaginable. He breaks into the Highlander’s house and witnesses some sword fighting, then becomes friends.

Are these titles, with the blocky text scrolling around, the most 90s thing imaginable?

The villain is somebody called Slan. He’s dead by the end of the episode, which is just as well for the poor actor. Unless there were two villains, one with and one without the mask. I don’t care enough to check.

I actually laughed when, during a discussion of their immortality, and the fact they have to watch their friends die, we cut to a flashback where they do exactly that.

I can see why I didn’t bother recording too much of this. It ran for 6 seasons. 6 seasons. Firefly ran for fourteen episodes.

There’s nothing else on this tape, which is probably for the nest, as proximity to this would make anything look worse by osmosis.

The Queen songs are good, though.

One comment

  1. How the HELL did this get multiple spin-offs AND a cartoon while we were denied “Buffy the Vampire Slauer: The Animated Series”?

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