Day: August 11, 2018

The Clive James Show – Secrets of Lost Empires – tape 2170

From LWT, it’s The Clive James Show. Bob Monkhouse looks at the news.

Clive looks at a hair extension product.

Stephen Fry is another guest, recently back from his trip to Belgium.

And to close the show, live in the studio, Margarita Pracatan.

After this, recording switches to the end of Wildlife Showcase about Macaque monkeys.

There’s a trailer for One Foot in the Past featuring Ralph Feinnes visiting Laurence of Arabia’s home.

Then, running ten minutes later than scheduled, due to Wimbledon overrunning, we have an episode of Secrets of Lost Empires on the building of the pyramids.

There’s two American experts here to try out their theories. Mark Lehner

And Roger Hopkins

There’s a certain amount of argument and disagreement, and plenty of patronising. Lehner, admitting that the stonemason Hopkins might actually have good ideas about building, says at one point “Maybe we should get off your back a little bit.”

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 26th June 1996 – 21:00

After this, there’s a trailer for Timewatch.

Then, an episode of Postcards from the Country. It’s looking at the Cairngorms, with lots of anecdotes from the people who live there. Like the man who went deerstalking while his son was being born, preferring to shoot a deer to being with his wife in labour.

This man decided that, when his children had grown up, he would move to the wilderness. “So we parted the best of friends” he says. We don’t hear from his wife, and whether she was happy to have her best friend leave her to live in the middle of nowhere.

There’s some nice pictures of Golden Eagles.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 26th June 1996 – 21:50

After this, there’s a trailer for Video Diaries.

Then, Newsnight, leading, unusually, with Sport, and England’s exit from Euro 96. Inevitably, Gareth Southgate’s penalty is there. I feel it’s long enough since the World Cup that I can’t be held responsible for football not coming home, but you be the judge.

There’s a glimpse of David Baddiel and Frank Skinner in the crowd. And I think that’s Ian Broudie of the Lightning Seeds behind some other bloke.

There’s a panel to talk about what football means, including Tom Watt, who appeared in Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch.

Eleanor Levy, editor of a football magazine.

Alf Garnett creator Johnny Speight.

The next story is about Labour changing policy on a referendum for a Scottish assembly. There’s a couple of younger political faces here – George Galloway

And Alex Salmond

During this report, the recording stops, and underneath there’s an older recording, with the end of an episode of Sledge Hammer featuring Brion James as a bad guy.

Then the tape runs out with a bit of the Irwin Allen Killer Bees spectacular The Swarm. It’s not the start – whatever channel this was, it clearly chopped up the movie. Strange.


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