Day: July 1, 2018

The New Adventures of Superman – Bugs – Chicago Hope – The Lenny Henry Show – tape 1667

This tape opens with the end of Big Break as Dennis Taylor tries to pot a lot of balls in a short period of time.

There’s a trailer for The Weekend Show, featuring Dale Winton.

Then an episode of The New Adventures of Superman with an episode called Metallo. Lois’s sister Lucy is back in town, dating a ‘goon’ who Lois doesn’t approve of.

Meanwhile, someone is sending robots to steal jewellery.

The robots are being built by a bunch of nerds. They used to be comic relief, but now, whiny tech nerds seem like the scariest possible villains. They take Lucy’s boyfriend, injured in a botched robbery, and transplant his brain into a robot body powered by Kryptonite – Metallo.

Superman manages to fight him without getting too close, though.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 29th April 1995 – 18:20

There’s a trailer for Sunday programmes.

And for The Gotcha Hall of Fame.

Then, there’s the start of Simon Mayo’s Confessions. Another nicely turned out performance.

After a few minutes, recording switches to later in the evening, and the end of The National Lottery Live.

There’s a trailer for Due South.

Then, an episode of Bugs called Shotgun Wedding. A pair of Italian politicians, running on an anti-corruption platform, are visiting Britain, so obviously they are the target of an assassin.

The Bugs team get called in to a company that produces laser displays, wanting his facility swept for bugs, but he’s a bit circumspect about why.

It turns out that the man who runs the company is in love with the Italian politician, which they’re trying to keep secret because the general public think she and her political partner are a couple.

There’s a dramatic near miss with an exploding park bench.

Another unconvincing computer display.

They fool the assassin by creating a hologram of the politician.

The assassin is killed by security, but then Ed finds the people who hired him and makes them think he’s the assassin, leading his to the man behind it all, the politician’s political partner.

Although it’s hard to tell, because both the partner and the fiancee are almost identical looking men.

Ed is forced by the bad guys to kill her, being strapped into an explosive vest for their ‘insurance’.

So Ros has to defuse the timing device while Ed takes a shot at the bad guy.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 29th April 1995 – 20:05

There’s a trailer for Cardiac Arrest. And for What Did you Do In the War, Auntie?

Then, the start of the news, leading with Labour dropping Clause 4 from its constitution, its commitment to public ownership.

Recording switches to the end of this bulletin, and there’s weather from Rob McElwee.

There’s a trailer for Hitler’s Death: The Final Report.

There’s also another trailer for Due South. I wonder if I ever watched an episode of this. It always seemed like the reverse of Northern Exposure.

Then, an episode of Chicago Hope. Oh look, there’s the lovely Hector Elizondo off of Pretty Woman.

A baby is admitted without most of its brain, whose mother, Nina Siemaszko, refuses to let the hospital take it off life support.

Things get dicey when a baby arrives from Texas in need of a heart transplant. It’s all very emotional.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 29th April 1995 – 21:15

There’s a trailer for Paul Merton’s Life of Comedy.

Then, an episode of The Lenny Henry Show. There’s a sketch with Christopher Ryan.

And Robbie Coltrane.

Music from M People

Felix Dexter is in a sketch about fashion

With a return visit from Robbie Coltrane as Herman Lagerpils.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 29th April 1995 – 22:00

After this, recording continues. There’s a trailer for Omnibus about Dave Stewart.

Then, the rest of the tape runs out during a large chunk of Match of the Day.