Day: June 13, 2018

Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey – Quick Change – tape 1482

Here’s Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, the sequel to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

It’s amazing how you can accurately date stuff that’s supposed to be in the far future. This could not be more 1990s.

Joss Ackland is the big villain, Nomolos De Nomolos.

His plan is to kill Bill and Ted using two robot duplicates.

Pam Grier plays Mrs Wardroe, in charge of the battle of the bands.

For no particular reason, Bill and Ted watch an old episode of Star Trek (Arena).

Well, not for no reason, as the film visits the same location, where Robot Bill & Ted kill the real Bill & Ted.

So they have to face Death, played by William Sadler.

Awesome early 90s digital effects.

Hal Landon Jr’s performance as Ted’s dad when he’s possessed by Ted is excellent.

“We’ve been totally lied to by our album covers”

While the process effects in this movie are fairly woeful, the makeup is good. Here’s Alex Winter as his own grandmother.

There’s a brief glimpse of a non-death William Sadler playing part of an English family watching TV.

There’s even a preview of the forthcoming third film in the Bill & Ted series.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about Bill & Ted. I did chuckle a fair amount, and I do love Death, but it does feel colossally insubstantial. But I guess that’s kind of the point.

After this, recording switches to another movie, on Sky Movies. It’s Quick Change. The one with Bill Murray as a clown who robs a bank. “What kind of a clown are you?” “The crying on the inside kind I guess.” I wonder if the dynamite vest would play in a movie made today?

Jason Robards plays the gruff Chief of Police.

Murray’s two accomplices are the always wonderful Geena Davis

And Randy Quaid

They have a perfect plan, keeping the police busy at the bank, while the three of them get away in the guise of three released hostages. But everything conspires to derail their plan. It’s a well plotted farce, as simple things escalate into high drama.

Some nice guest appearances, from Phil Hartman

Tony Shalhoub plays the worst cab driver ever.

There are loads of little touches. When they’re lost in an unfamiliar area of New York, they witness two men jousting on bicycles.

At one point, when he gets a good lead on where the robbers might be, Robards drags his assistant along by the hand.

Even Stanley Tucci pops up, as a mobster.

Philip Bosco plays a jobsworth bus driver.

“Is that our plane?” “No, if it was our plane it would be crashing.”

Kurtwood Smith plays the most obnoxious passenger on the plane who turns out to be a mob kingpin.

I think this is one of Bill Murray’s best films. The plot works well, with a Midnight Run vibe to it. And Geena Davis is always good.

After this, recording continues, and there’s a Making Of feature on Freddy’s Dead – The Final Nightmare featuring contributions from Robert Englund and director Rachel Talalay.

There’s also a Making Of In The Line of Fire.

After this, there’s the start of a rather sad looking sex comedy, Party Favors. The tape ends after a few minutes of this.


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  • trail: Naked Lunch
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