Quantum Leap – Edinburgh Nights – tape 1491

In the first Quantum Leap here, Temptation Eyes, Sam leaps into the body of a newsreader.

He meets Tamlyn Tomita, who’s been brought in to help with a murder case because she’s a psychic. Yes, a psychic.

Sam learns that she’s going to be the next victim of the serial murderer, who’s been leaving anonymous tips to Sam’s reporter.

She’s definitely got some powers, because she can see the real Sam in a mirror.

There’s so few characters in this story, so it’s not too much of a surprise to find that the killer is Sam’s cameraman partner, played by James Handy.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 22nd June 1993 – 21:00

Before the next episode, there’s the end of Delia Smith’s Summer Collection.

There’s a trailer for Far Flung Floyd

There’s also a trailer for Off The Wall.

Then another Quantum Leap. Sam leaps into the body of a woman in a soul group.

ER’s Eriq La Salle turns up as a manager of a club who hits on the group’s 15 year old member..

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 6th July 1993 – 21:00

Following this. recording switches to Edinburgh Nights, a look at the Edinburgh Fringe, and the Perrier Award.

With appearances by Lea de Laria

The Wow Show (including Stephen Frost and Mark Arden

Rhona Cameron

Dave Chappelle

Tony Slattery was the winner of the very first Perrier award, as part of the Cambridge Footlights, along with Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson. Sound the klaxon.

Jo Brand

This year’s shortlist consisted of Corky and the Juice Pigs.

Lee Evans

Phil Kay

Donna McPhail

Greg Proops

Parrot – not a familiar name.

Neither is Johnny Meres

Former winner Simon Fanshawe talks about the experience of winning.

The man presenting this piece is doing it in the style of Peter Snow doing an election, and it’s really, really annoying.

In the end, Lee Evans was the winner. Wouldn’t be my choice.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 29th August 1993 – 22:15

After this, recording switches to some German satellite smut, plus Gladiators in German. Well, it’s American Gladiators, but with a German voiceover. I’m so sorry.





  1. Never be sorry for American Gladiators… Also, it has to be said given that some of the CONTESTANTS on “American Gladiators” could whipped the UK gladiators, it’s not a surprise that when there was “International Gladiators” the UK did shockingly poorly. Tamlyn Tomita is the only American I’ve heard say “Get stuffed!” In the pilot for “Babylon 5.” It sounded… strange.

  2. Parrot was a Scottish comedian I think, used to turn up on Radio 1 comedy shows like Loose Talk.

    Phil Kay is Scottish too, and had a much-maligned, one series wonder on Channel 4 – did you ever tape that? He appeared stark bollock naked at the start of one episode. I did like his observation about when eating a fry up with tomato ketchup on the side of the plate, you would put the tomato into the ketchup to eat it, prompting him to muse just how much more tomato-ey did you want your tomato to be?

    Donna McPhail? Completely disappeared. A lady Slattery equivalent for a while in the mid-90s, though.

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