Quantum Leap – tape 1392

This tape opens with about five minutes of Food and Drink, looking at catering for a round the world yacht crew, and kitchen gadgets.

There’s a trailer for Troubleshooter 2.

Then, Quantum Leap. This episode is called Southern Comforts. Sam has leapt into a New Orleans brothel. Al is in his element. Sam less so.

He’s leapt into the owner of the brothel, and he’s there to protect a girl, the cousin of the Madam. There’s some comedy to be had with Sam’s attempts to prevent potential customers actually getting to the girls.

There’s a man looking for the cousin, headmaster of a finishing school. Sam catches him beating her with his belt and, satisfyingly, punches him.

But we learn the man is actually her husband. And (as we saw) an abuser. So this turns from a slightly dodgy story about charming prostitutes, to a story where the rest of the women stand by her to protect her from him. It’s a slight, silly story, but I love the way this show so often hits the right note with stories that could so easily go wrong. If only they’d nailed the finale.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 1st December 1992 – 21:00

The next episode is Glitter Rock. Sam leaps into the lead singer of a 70s glam rock band. Dodgy English accents ahoy.

Their manager is played by actual pop star Peter Noone, of Herman’s Hermits.

Someone is trying to kill Sam, and he thinks it might be a loner fan. But then he finds that Noone appears to be embezzling money from the band, so perhaps it’s him.

But at least Scott Bakula gets to sing, and he’s perfectly fine.

There’s a great Scooby Doo climax when a fan in full makeup comes at Sam with a knife and wouldn’t you know it, it’s the janitor the manager, Peter Noone.

And the loner fan turns out to be the son of the man Sam’s leapt into, and there’s a tender reunion.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th December 1992 – 21:00

Before the next episode, there’s the end of Food & Drink featuring Sandi Toksvig.

And Patrick Barlow. It’s the first half of their Christmas Quiz.

There’s a trailer for Winter Drama on 2.

Then more from Quantum Leap and A Hunting We Will Go. Sam has leaped into the body of a bounty hunter, handcuffed to a women who’s wanted for embezzling a million dollars. Think they might end up falling in love?

There’s a cameo TV appearance from Lindsay Wagner as The Bionic Woman.

I didn’t recognise her at first, but the woman he’s captured, is Jane Sibbett, who played Ross’s wife Carol in Friends.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 15th December 1992 – 21:00

The next episode is Last Dance Before an Execution, and looks like it’s going to be a serious one, as Sam leaps into someone being strapped into an electric chair.

Jenny Gago plays the lawyer trying to get him acquitted on appeal.

It’s a good story, and I like that it doesn’t have the expected ending where he’s found innocent and gets off. This show can do dark when it wants to.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 22nd December 1992 – 21:00

After this episode, there’s trailers for Winter Dreams and the Lewis Carroll fantasy biography Dreamchild. That was a Dennis Potter thing I didn’t hate.

Then, there’s the start of Troubleshooter with Sir John Harvey Jones. It’s got a great theme tune, sounds like Michael Nyman, or possibly the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

The recording stops and underneath there’s a short bit of Newsnight before the whole tape ends.



  1. Well I’d rather have “charming prostitutes” than “charming serial killers”… Thank goodness writer Chris Ruppenthal for didn’t go the prog rock route with King Thunder… Nwho needs that?

  2. I did love the subtle bit of mirror work in that episode where we learn the singer has a webbed hand, which Sam of course doesn’t.

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