Day: April 2, 2018

LA Law – tape 1435

Here’s a few season 7 episodes of LA Law. First, ‘My Friend Flicker’. The ‘previously’ gives us the context that Stuart is recovering from a head injury, so he’s behaving erratically.

Gwen keeps receiving gifts, and thinks they come from Daniel, and she starts smooching him before he can tell her they aren’t from him. She does this more than once. You’d think she’d learn.

Shelley Berman guests as obnoxious Studio Head Ben Flicker.

Leland represents the deaf head of a foundation, accused of discrimination against a hearing employee.

And Roxanne plucks up the courage to ask Tommy if he will father her child.

The second episode has a weird broadcast glitch – it plays the ‘Previously On’ segment twice. This episode is Love on the Rox. Stuart, having identified the men who attacked him during the LA riots, has bought a gun to protect himself. Naturally, he manages to shoot it when practicing quick draws in the bathroom.

Gwen is still getting fairy-tale themed gifts, and she seems very unperturbed. I’d be freaking out.

David Schwimmer makes a return appearance as an annoying Lawyer who likes Gwen. Maybe he’s the psycho.

Cindy Pickett plays a woman who wants to use her frozen embryos to have a baby. Anne is representing her ex-husband who wants to stop her, because the embryos were fertilized with his sperm. The show wriggles a bit to justify Anne, usually a feminist, representing a man trying to control a woman’s reproductive rights.

In the next episode, Lisa Zane joins the cast as a new associate, Melina Paros.

Gwen’s gifts get worse. Now it’s a heart in a box.

Benny loses his dog, and it ends up with the dog catcher, played by The West Wing’s Richard Schiff.

At the end, Gwen finds a book of fairy tales in Daniel’s office, and assumes that he’s been sending the creepy gifts. Why else would a father of a one year old baby have a book of fairy tales?

Edit: Blog regular Victor Field alerted me to the sad news that LA Law co-creator Steven Bochco died yesterday (1st April). Now, I have a lot of his TV shows in my collection, so the likelihood of a blog entry coinciding with his death was higher than some. But having this entry publish the day after is rather harsh. He was someone about whom you could really say he changed the face of TV. I’m so very sorry.

After this episode, this recording stops, and underneath there’s an old Doctor Who recording. Not sure why I would have taped over this – presumably because I had it elsewhere – it’s The Silurians, and I think I must have the recolorized VHS version of that. I like Casual Pertwee.

After this, there’s the start of The Lady Vanishes. This is exactly the same broadcast as the one I was watching a while back, but it’s the start of the film, which I missed. The tape ends during the film.


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