Bore of the Year Awards 1993 – Hearts Of Darkness – tape 1444

First on this tape, a one-off, the Bore of the Year Awards 1993, presented by Angus Deayton, and based on the feature in Private Eye Magazine.

It kicks off with Peter Cook as Lord Gnome, a not very thinly disguised Robert Maxwell.

In the Worst Prediction category, one of the nominees was Neil Kinnock for ‘Next prime minister’ and they play the ‘We’re All right’ speech, still deeply cringe-making. Ken Livingstone picks up the award on his behalf.

I wonder if they had to pay Mitzi Cunliffe for the design of the award.

Michael Palin previews his new documentary, ‘From Kerb to Kerb’.

Sarah Dunant presents the award for best supporting female bore.

Mike Smash and Dave Nice present Youth Bore of the Year.

Clive Anderson presents Rudest Interviewer.

Vinnie Jones accepts on Jeremy Paxman’s behalf.

Mark Arden and Steve Frost present the most irritating advert.

Rather wonderfully, it’s accepted by J R Hartley himself.

Richard Ingrams presents the Old Bore award.

Caroline Quentin presents the award for the most unnecessary sex on TV.

Melvyn Bragg gamely accepts the award.

So does Linford Christie..

Haydn Gwynne presents Luvviest Actor

John Sessions is there to accept the award in person.

There’s a film by Victor Lewis Smith on the life of Nigel Kennedy.

Rory Bremner presents Sports Bore of the year.

David Gower accepts, live from India.

Ha Ha – Tony Slattery is the sole nomination for Ubiquitous Bore of the Year. Sound the klaxon. Presenting the award, who else but Tony Slattery.

The winner, in a shock surprise, is Angus Deayton.

Grand Bore of the Year, and accepting in person, Diana biographer Andrew Morton.

The Show ends with Mike Oldfield and Dave Nice doing Tubular Bells. Actually rather lovely.

Here’s the whole thing. Quite a lot of fun.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 20th March 1993 – 21:15

After this. recording continues. There’s a trailer for The Last Romantics and Goggle Eyes.

Then, there’s a Moving Pictures presentation of the documentary Hearts of Darkness, about the making of Apocalypse Now. Here’s Howard Schuman’s introduction.

“This movie was made in the tradition of Irwin Allen” says Coppola. I have to say, I enjoyed many Irwin Allen movies a lot more than I enjoyed Apocalypse Now.

Laurence Fishburne was only fourteen when the movie was made.

Sofia Coppola was even younger – she was four when the whole family went to the Philippines to shoot the movie.

There’s interview footage from some of the people involved. George Lucas was originally going to direct it when it was a much lower budget movie.

John Milius wrote the screenplay

The film started chaotically. It was originally to star Harvey Keitel as Willard, but after shooting for a week, Coppola replaced him.

His replacement was Martin Sheen, who had no idea of the scale of the project he was entering, but then, nobody did.

Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro


Robert Duvall played Kilgore. “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 20th March 1993 – 22:15

After this, there’s an archive interview with Marlon Brando from 1965, Meet Marlon Brando.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 20th March 1993 – 23:50

After this, there’s a trailer for The Last Romantics.

Then the tape runs out during the start of A Streetcar Named Desire.



  1. Last time I watched Apocalypse Now I forgot about the tiger. Best jump scare ever? And the only funny bit in Muppet Treasure Island is when Gonzo does an impression of Dennis Hopper’s journalist in that.

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