The Flash – tape 1380

Here’s some episodes of the short-lived 1990 series The Flash.

First, Tina, Is That You? Barry is having strange dreams involving Tina, so she offers to use a biofeedback machine to help him, but something happens when Barry is dreaming about Tina as a gangster, and Tina is knocked unconscious.

Her personality seems to have been changed – she’s now grumpy and angry, and she decides to go an join a local all-woman gang.

The next episode guest-stars Mark Hamill as the Trickster. He starts by kidnapping police detective Megan Lockhart, an old friend of Barry’s, with whom he is in love.

His villain costume is colourful, to say the least.

He’s a master of disguise, as he visits Barry incognito

The next episode is Be My Baby. Barry sees a young woman being hassled by men in a limo, and he goes to help. He discovers that she’s there with her baby.

She’s run away from her husband, a criminal, played by a young Bryan Cranston.

There’s a cameo appearance from the great Dick Miller.

The final episode here (also the final episode of the series, according to iMDb) is Trial of the Trickster. I’m not sure I believe the series order on iMDb though – the first two episodes here are in the opposite order on there, and yet in the second episode here, there’s a reference to the events of the previous episode, so I think this broadcast order might be more accurate.

It’s nice to see the Trickster is allowed to wear his costume in court.

For his second appearance, he’s actually made an effort.

He escapes, thanks to help from a court reporter who wants to be his sidekick, Prank.

The Trickster manages to brainwash the Flash.

At the end of the episode, the announcer says, optimistically, “That’s all from the Flash for a while.”

After this, recording stops, and underneath something I wish I had more of. It’s the end of an episode of Virtual Murder, the one with Jon Pertwee as a guest star. I’m a bit sad I don’t seem to have any full episodes of this anywhere – clearly I thought it was so rubbish I just taped over it.

After this short excerpt, there’s a trailer for Saturday on BBC1.

Then, the start of Proms on One, during which the recording stops.


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