Day: February 28, 2018

Spaced – tape 2835

Spaced series two. What a treat.

First, a confession. I was just a bit too old for Spaced. By the time it came out, I was married, with a brand new baby, so the life of twentysomethings sharing a flat and partying felt like a different generation.

Good thing it had all those nerd jokes, then.

Series two starts with a homage to Woody Allen’s Manhattan which serves to reintroduce the characters in a typically Edgar Wright fast-cutting way.

It’s been eighteen months, and Tim is still working through his problems with George Lucas and The Phantom Menace.

Mike’s been living in Daisy’s room while she’s been away.

“Did you take lots of photos?” “No need for photos. Welcome to the twenty-first century.”

On her holiday, she met a young man, played by John Simm, who was bringing back ‘sensitive material’.

He was picked up by two agents, Kevin Eldon

And Mark Gatiss, both playing Agent Smith of the Matrix.

Episode Two, Change, starts with the cast asleep, with the music from Bagpuss playing. Here’s a confession. My youngest daughter is called Emily, and it’s mostly because of Bagpuss.

Tim gets fired from his job at the comic shop for yelling at a child wanting to buy a Jar Jar toy. His boss Bilbo sympathises – “I once punched a bloke in the face for saying Hawk the Slayer is rubbish” – but he has to let him go.

Katy Carmichael appears as Twist. Now, I might be wrong about this, but I’m fairly sure I used to know her when she worked in Ed’s Diner in Soho in the early 90s. She was there for a while, and we used to chat, and when she left, I started seeing her (or someone who looked a lot like her) in adverts, and then here in Spaced. Now, I have no real way of knowing it she was the same person I knew, but I like to think she is, and I was happy to see her getting roles.

Tim gets a new job at another comic shop. But old boss Bilbo asks him to come back to his shop, so he gets sacked. “Babylon Five’s a big pile of shit!”

There’s a very brief appearance from Robert Popper, creator of Look Around You and Friday Night Dinner as a bookshop customer.

The next episode is Mettle. It has a great Robocop opening.

I like the in-jokes in the display, including the catchphrase ‘Fried Gold’.

Reece Shearsmith plays a rival in Robot Wars. I met him once, at the premiere of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. We had a nice chat about the League of Gentlemen movie they’d just completed.

Daisy gets a job in a restaurant kitchen, which turns into One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, complete with Joanna Scanlan as their Nurse Ratched.

Talking of Hitchhiker’s, Tim and Mike’s robot has the sound of the guide.

They compete in Robot Club, and underground version of Robot Wars.

I’ve missed the start of the next episode on this recording. Just a few seconds, though. Clive Russell plays the comics publisher who traumatised Tim last year when he submitted his portfolio. He wants to give him a second chance.

The great Michael Smiley appears as the bike courier Tyres.

Olivia Williams plays an angry cyclist, in a Sixth Sense homage.

Rowena Cooper plays Brian’s mum.

Another Matrix homage.

And a Grange Hill homage.

We’re missing the next episode – which I looked at quite a while ago, so the next episode here is episode six, Dissolution. Brian is processing some pictures, and in an Omen-like scene, sees lines dividing all the characters.

Tim and Sophie (Lucy Akhurst) are a couple, and they’re worried about Marsha getting suspicious, because they originally rented the flat on the basis that Tim and Daisy were a professional couple.

Mike is upset that Tim forgot his promotion.

It all comes to a head at a meal, and Daisy has to admit to Marsha that she and Tim are not really a couple.

In a flashback, Ricky Gervais plays a call centre worker.

The cake Tim got for Daisy is lovely.

And it’s very decent of George Lucas to let them use the end title music from Empire Strikes Back.

The Final episode, Leaves, starts with a pastiche of the Royle Family titles.

Marsha has put the house up for sale. Daisy is offered a job in Colwyn Bay. Sophie is moving to Seattle to work for Marvel. So Tim, Mike and Brian have to make one last pointless gesture to get Marsha to change her mind.

But when they get back to the flat, they find Daisy has left for St Pancras. So Tim has to ride their robot to stop her.

I know people have always wished for a third series of Spaced, but I think this was a lovely ending.

After the last episode, and a few adverts, recording stops, and underneath there’s an episode of So Graham Norton.

He has his regular audience member, Betty, but with a daytime TV twist.

His first guest is chat show host Ricki Lake.

His second guest is Boyzone’s Stephen Gateley.

After part 2, this recording finishes, and underneath, there’s Aiya Napa – Return to Fantasy Island. Not my cup of tea, as I’m not one for discotheques. Still, the last shot of the programme is of a woman pulling her top up to show her breasts, so at least all my prejudices remain intact.

After this, late night on Channel 4 goes even more downmarket with the start of a programme called Digital Sex. I didn’t watch it, but scrolling through it it looks like a downmarket Eurotrash. Yes, such a thing is possible. The tape ends during this programme.

On the adverts, one thing caught my eye. When movies are playing in cinemas, I always note it with ‘Movie Name in cinemas’. That’s how I’ve always thought of it. But almost all the ads say ‘at cinemas’. I gnore this because I’m contrary and right, but on this tape thre was one ad which used ‘in cinemas’ so I thought I’d give it a special mention. Don’t remember the movie at all, though. iMDb tells me it starred David Boreanaz and Denise Richards.


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