Day: February 24, 2018

Harry Enfield & Chums – tape 2257

This tape starts with yet another odd coincidence – the end of an episode of The X-Files on BBC1 and it’s an episode we saw on a different tape just two days ago, Syzygy, the one about the satanic cult/astrologically induced madness.

There’s a trailer for Ruby Wax Meets the Duchess of York.

Then, Harry Enfield and Chums. Tim Nicebutdim is helping out at the antique shop. We learn his middle name is Tim. Ron Donachie plays a customer.

The confused man is confused by the bins being emptied.

The lovely, wobbly, randy old ladies get some washing done.

The Self Righteous Brothers discuss Noel Edmonds.

The Old Gits brick up the Channel Tunnel.

The classic moment when Kevin the annoying kid becomes Kevin the teenager.

And Ben Elton himself appears as Benny Elton, a right-on version of Benny Hill.

It’s at this point I realised we’ve already seen this, on a tape of the original broadcast. Oh well.

Wayne breaks up with Waynetta, and embarks on an affair with Naomi Campbell.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 13th November 1996 – 22:15

Recording switches to the end of Newsroom South East, with a story about an artist possibly using dead bodies to make moulds for casting.

There’s weather from Bill Giles, and a trailer for Ruby Wax Meets Sharon Stone.

Then, more from Harry Enfield and Chums.

Doctor Whoareyoulookingat

I do like the Siblings sketches, especially for the oversized furniture.

Perry is into Oasis now.

I’m basically just repeating my previous blog entry, I think.

The Self Righteous Brothers are reflecting on the failure of the marriage of Charles and Diana.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 14th January 1997 – 21:30

Recording switches to the end of Newsroom South East. The story is yet another change in London telephone numbers

This is followed by Weather from Suzanne Charlton, and a trailer for Inside Story: Honey Trap.

There’s also a trailer for Match of the Day Live: Chelsea vs Liverpool.

Then, more Harry Enfield.

The considerably richer couple come visiting.

Tim Nicebutdim does Bungee Jumping.

The newly minted slobs, having won the lottery last week, have a golden bog. I love that their taste is identical to Trump’s.

Their butler is played by John Woodnutt.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 21st January 1997 – 21:35

There’s another bit of Newsroom South East before the next episode,

Weather from John Kettley, and a trailer for Inside Story. Plus a trailer for COmmon as Muck which also features Kathy Burke.

Then, more from Harry Enfield and Chums. The Old Gits love little kids. Just kidding.

Men Behaving Splendidly.

And Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Lucky old ladies

Tim Nicebutdim meets Dick Nicebutthick

BBC Genome: BBC One – 28th January 1997 – 21:30

Before the next episode, there’s a trailer for Inside Story: Megan’s Law. Then Newsroom South East leading with a train crash in Bexley.

There’s weather from Suzanne Charlton.

There’s a trailer for Friday Night Comedy.

Then more Harry Enfield and Chums. There appears to be a presentation glitch as it starts – you can hear a voice saying “Hello Network, I’ve still got my red lights on here” – it’s weather presenter Suzanne Charlton, who’s clearly still live.

I do feel sorry for Kevin’s dad, Stephen Moore.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 4th February 1997 – 21:30

After this, recording continues with a trailer for Carlito’s Way. And for Crimewatch UK.

Then, an episode of Inside StoryMegan’s Law looks at the laws in America that let local communities know when a sex offender is released into their community.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 4th February 1997 – 22:00

After this there’s a trailer for Diary of a Princess and for A Question of Sport.

Then, there’s the start of Sportsnight, with some football. The tape ends during this programme.