Day: February 9, 2018

Clive Anderson All Talk – tape 2269

This tape opens with the end of a BBC News bulletin, leading with the news that Lord McAlpine has switched his allegiance to The Referendum Party. Happier times.

Weather from Michael Fish, a trailer for Rhymewatch UK – programmes for National Poetry Day. And a trailer for A Question of Sport.

Then, Clive Anderson All Talk, whose first guest is a strange one, she’s Vasso Kortesis, the former personal advisor, and psychic, to Sarah Ferguson. You can tell she’s a kook as almost the first word out of her mouth is ‘energy’.

His next guest is Eddie Murphy, an interview filmed in America. He’s at something of a disadvantage because Clive keeps cracking very UK-centric jokes about BSE and Dixon of Dock Green. He’s also quite honest about not liking Beverly Hills Cop III.

The last guest is Ben Elton, there to promote his novel Popcorn, and to talk about its thesis, that violent films can inspire copycat killings.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 6th October 1996 – 22:15

There’s a trailer for Auntie’s TV Favourites, and for Beck.

Then, Joan Bakewell introduces Heart of the Matter, asking whether communities should be warned when convicted sex offenders, released from prison, live in their area.

The problem of offenders in the community is a difficult one, especially when law enforcement officers are saying things like “I’d like to see first offenders castrated and second offenders executed.”

BBC Genome: BBC One – 6th October 1996 – 22:50

After this, a trailer for Panorama, about James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party, the 90s UKIP.

Then, a film, The Grissom Gang. It’s directed by Robert Aldrich, and looks like it wants to be Bonnie and Clyde. I confess I didn’t watch it.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 6th October 1996 – 23:30

After this, Ross Kemp reads Seamus Heaney’s Mid-Term Break, for the Nation’s Favourite Poems.

Then, a short Holiday programme featuring Chris Choi. Was he on TV a lot in 1996? This is the second programme I’ve noticed him in, after Out of this World. Here, he’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 7th October 1996 – 01:35

After this, another trailer for Auntie’s TV Favourites, and some weather from Bill Giles.

Then, the start of the first presidential debate between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

Charles Wheeler seems to think the outcome is not in doubt. “Clinton would have to die” for Dole to win the debate.

The tape ends during the debate itself, a very dull affair.