Day: January 13, 2018

Cybill – Father Ted – Roseanne – Rory Bremner – Who Else? – tape 2217

Another evening of Channel 4 programmes, starting with an episode of Cybill.

Cybill is worried that she’s spiritually empty, so she takes Maryann for a retreat in the desert.

But she returns home when she gets an intuition that she’s needed – to find her daughter about to give birth.

Next, an episode of Father Ted, and what an episode it is. It’s A Song For Europe. Ted decides to enter a song into the Eurovision Song Contest after being goaded by another priest, Father Dick Byrne.

Songwriting is a struggle. This scene, where Ted yells at Dougal to ‘just play the F-ing note’, is taken directly from studio tapes of the band The Troggs.

The dream-video for their song (tune plagiarised from an old Norwegian entry) is quite brilliant. The song is by Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy (who also wrote the theme tune).

In the end, they have to abandon their stolen tune when Ted hears the original piped into the toilet, but the pair still win, because Ireland wanted to pick an entry that would definitely lose, because it costs so much to host the competition when they win – a reflection of a rumour at the time that this is exactly what Ireland did one year (only to have that particular entry win anyway).

Next, an episode of Roseanne. David is looking for an apartment so he can move out of Roseanne and Dan’s basement.

            Why didn't you stop me marrying Mark?

            We did what we could to stop you. And besides, 
            that was the night that the season premiere of 
            Cop Rock was on.

Becky wants to go to college to make a better life for herself. But Mark is an idiot, so he’s not happy.

Following this, there’s an episode of Rory Bremner… Who Else?

And I have only just realised why they use a Chameleon for the titles. It’s a chameleon. I’m so stupid. (In my defence I’ve never actually thought about it before.)

Paul Gambaccini interviews Rory as Liam Gallagher.

Liz Smith does a Mad Cow gag.

Jean Marsh talks about abortion.

There’s a curious CGI character.

After this, recording continues briefly, and I find I’d like to go back in time and punch 1996 me in the face.

The next programme on Channel 4 is Penn and Teller: Don’t Try This At Home, something that would seem to be exactly my kind of show.

But as soon as it starts, the recording suddenly switches.

To TFI Friday.

I hate 1996 me.

Anyway, this is, at least, a slightly atypical edition of the show. It starts with a ‘channel 4 meeting’ featuring Danny Baker and others on the TFI production team, talking to Chris Evans on the phone about tonight’s show. Because it’s Good Friday, it’s no longer the start of the weekend so the show’s off. Or they’ll do a best-of. But in the end, they’re going to do the show from Chris Evans’ flat.

I think they genuinely did, too. I do like this aspect of Chris Evans’ shows. He really did try to do interesting things with the TV format.

After a replay of Blur, the first guest is Evans’ former partner on the Big Breakfast, Gaby Roslin, there to promote her new chat show.

After a nauseating cookery segment featuring Hair Carbonara, and music from Bon Jovi, there’s another segment of At Home with Chris and Cher.

Next guest is Bob Mortimer

There’s a clip of early Reeves and Mortimer

Next guest is Noel Gallagher

The tape ends after this episode.


  • trail: And The Beat Goes On
  • Honda
  • McDonalds
  • Roysters
  • National Lottery
  • Mullerice
  • Sense & Sensibility in cinemas
  • Scandinavian Seaways
  • trail: A River Runs Through It
  • VW Polo
  • trail: Rory Bremner… Who Else?
  • Vauxhall Vectra
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  • Nike
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  • The Equitable Life
  • Somerfield
  • Renault Megane – Tony Gardner
  • Murphy’s
  • trail: The Gaby Roslin Show
  • trail: A River Runs Through It
  • Coca Cola
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  • Currys
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  • Argos
  • B&Q
  • The Equitable Life
  • Currys
  • Ford Mondeo
  • Currys
  • trail: Drop the Dead Donkey
  • Andersen Consulting
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  • VW Polo
  • Fuji
  • Budweiser
  • Polo
  • Iceland
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  • Solvite
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  • Always
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  • Chatback
  • Tetley’s Draught
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  • Energy Centre
  • Renault Megane – Tony Gardner
  • Coca Cola
  • Pilkington Precision UV Lenses
  • Air Canada
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  • Blockbuster Video
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  • trail: Eurotrash
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  • Dulux Once
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  • Sgt Bilko in cinemas
  • The Best Punk Album in the World Ever 2
  • Coca Cola
  • trail: And The Beat Goes On