Saturday Night At The Movies – tape 849

Here’s a couple of episode of Saturday Night at the Movies, LWT’s attempt to launch a competitor to Barry Norman’s film show.

This week, as with The Media Show a few days ago, Tony Slattery (klaxon) is on location in New York.

He’s there to interview Willem Dafoe, who lives in New York.

The programme has info pages. Very 80s.

Tony also does film reviews of:

There’s a look at Lee Strasberg’s Theatre Institute, and the idea of Method acting.

In the next episode, the last in the series, there’s an interview with Danny DeVito on the release of The War of the Roses.

Jo Whiley looks at the job of the casting director. One noted casting director is Jane Jenkins.

Tony reviews:

There’s an interview with Rob Lowe about Bad Influence and his recent scandals.

I’m surprised that the show actually uses a short clip from the sex video – seems like it would be unacceptable for broadcast TV in 1989.

After this episode, recording stops, and underneath there’s quite a bit of a German detective show called Derrick.

Then, an ITN news bulletin has an opinion poll putting Labour 20 points ahead of the Conservatives, mostly due to the unpopularity of the poll tax. Even so, it would be eight years before Labour would finally win a general election.

Other news is that Israel could be on the verge of historic peace talks with the Palestinians. I wonder how that worked out?

After this, the tape continues with American College Football, during which the tape ends.


  • Jazz FM
  • BSB
  • Pearl Assurance
  • Chatback
  • trail: One More Audience with Dame Edna
  • TV Times
  • Our Price – That Loving Feeling Vol II
  • Jazz FM
  • Amstrad PC2286
  • Territorial Army
  • Twirl
  • Tennent’s Pilsner
  • Oracle
  • Crimestoppers
  • Duckhams
  • Wispa – Peter Cook Mel Smith
  • Light Philadelphia
  • Lunn Poly
  • Webster’s Yorkshire Bitter
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  • Nissan 200 SX
  • Party Time
  • Intercity Sleeper
  • Royal Mail Stamps
  • Our Price – The Right Stuff 2
  • Drugs – Dexter Fletcher
  • Rap’Tou
  • Talkabout


  1. Going to nice places and reviewing films. Nice work if you can get it.

    I can’t see Shadow Makers in your database. Did you ever record it on transmission? It was the first time I ever became aware of Dwight Schultz as an actor who did anything other than wisecracking (A-Team) or social anxiety (ST:TNG). He’s superb in it. I never understood why the film didn’t gain more traction.

  2. “Renegades” a nearly example of Morgan Creek mmediocrity in action. It didn’t help that I had to rent the movie on video to see the whole thing as it was on a double bill with “Leviathan,” and I left for time reasons. They had “Leviathan” first ( which I’d already seen on video, although I did get a kick of seeing the credits being changed for the non-MGM version – Leo released it Stateside) to give Filmauro all the credit/blame.

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