Whose Line Is It Anyway? – One Hour With Jonathan Ross – tape 818

The first episode of Whose Line is it Anyway on this tape features Josie Lawrence

Paul Merton

Tony Slattery

and Mike McShane

The next episode is a compilation of unseen items from the show.

Then, an episode of One Hour with Jonathan Ross.

This first guest is Diane Brill

Joan Jett does Pretty Vacant

Ian Hislop talks about Private Eye

The Red Hot Chili Peppers take their shirts off.

Director Susan Seidelman talks about She Devil

Hot young chef Marco Pierre White. I almost didn’t recognise him, he’s so young and slim.

The show closes with more music from Joan Jett

After this, there’s the start of Scrubbers, and the recording stops after a few minutes of this.


  • trail: Rock Steady
  • Philips Whirlpool
  • Our Price – Thompson Twins Greatest Hits
  • Canada
  • Crunchie
  • Rover 200 – Graduate rip off
  • Now Dance 90
  • trail: Over the Edge


  1. Looking up Dianne Brill to see who she is, I assume she was promoting the movie of “Slaves of New York,” while the most notable aspect of “SjeDevil” is how much better Meryl Streep was at comic acting than Roseanne Barr.

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