Whose Line Is It Anyway? – tape 884

Here’s some episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway. The first episode features Ryan Stiles

Sandi Toksvig

Tony (Klaxon) Slattery

and John Sessions

Next there’s Ron West

Hat Trick Supremo Jimmy Mulville

Paul Merton

John Sessions

The next episode is a Christmas Special, featuring a bumper cast. There’s Greg Proops

Josie Lawrence

Paul Merton

Sandi Toksvig

Tony Slattery

Mike McShane

There’s a mention of Donald Trump. I feel duty-bound to call out every appearance or reference to him that I come across, just in case I can finally harness the awesome destructive power of this blog for a good cause.

This episode is followed by an extra programme, a live performance by Robin Williams at the New York Metropolitan Opera House.

Then there’s another episode of Whose Line is it Anyway featuring another appearance from Ryan Stiles

Josie Lawrence

Neil Mullarkey

Mike McShane

After this, the recording stops, and underneath there’s a bit of the Robin Williams drama Moscow on the Hudson. The tape ends shortly after that.


  • Miller Lite
  • Ware’s The House
  • Baileys
  • Woolworth’s
  • Tetley’s Bitter
  • Rover Metro – Michael Barrymore
  • Sara Lee
  • trail: The A to Z of TV
  • Eisberg
  • Yellow Pages
  • 7Up
  • Halls
  • Embroidery Magic
  • Carling Black Label – Christmas Repeats
  • trail: New Year’s Eve on 4
  • Mail on Sunday
  • Eisberg
  • Commercial Union
  • Renault 19 Chamaude
  • When Harry Met Sally in cinemas


  1. An interesting footnote to the Whose Line? Christmas episode is that it was filmed when Paul Merton was starting to exprience manic episodes (which were later attributed to anti-malaria tablets). He has recounted that he could not stay sat down for the ‘in shadow’ opening to the show, to the extent that a substitute had to sit in his seat instead so that the shot could be completed.

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