The Full Wax – tape 688

Once again, my lowbrow tastes are revealed. This tape opens with a BBC Two logo and the announcer introducing “Derek Jarman’s highly acclaimed visual interpretation…” when that recording is overwritten by a new one, and an episode of The Full Wax. We’ve been seeing a lot of Ruby Wax recently. I hope she’s keeping well.

Guest host Jennifer Saunders is looking after the Creche

Taffy Turner looks at crime

Lauren Bacall is a studio guest

And Ruby revisits Joanna Lumley, to explain how her visit last week was all rehearsed and she’s actually a great friend.

She appears at the end to reassure the audience it’s all in fun.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 12th March 1992 – 22:10

The next episode features a brief appearance from Jim Bowen

She tries to interview Patricia Hodge as she’s going to hospital to have a baby.

In the studio, James Belushi

Tony Slattery (sound the klaxon) talks about body language.

Taffy Turner makes a trip to London

Ruby interviews twins Frankie and Freddie Cox, who tell a hilarious story about how one of them can’t perform in bed with a woman, so he goes and finds the other twin who completes the job, without the woman being aware of the switch. Yes, an amusing story about rape.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 19th March 1992 – 22:15

Ruby’s fundraising for Hawaiians.

She does Challenge Ruby

There’s an appearance by Charles Augins – Queeg himself.

In the studio is Teri Garr

Julian Litton has planned his own funeral.

Esther Rantzen intervenes with Ruby’s pensioners.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 26th March 1992 – 22:30

The next episode is about men. Dudley Moore is the guest in the studio, and there’s an awkward discussion making jokes about groping, as Ruby asks how he attracts women.

Taffy Turner looks at tattoos.

Ruby interviews the Dreamboys

Another studio guest is Judy Tenuta

BBC Genome: BBC One – 2nd April 1992 – 22:25

The next episode sees Ruby doing a version of 01 For London – the titles and interstitials are dead on.

She meets Rula Lenska

John Nettles is struggling with performing in pantomime.

In the studio, Rupert Everett

Taffy Turner does a piece about transvestism. It’s a bit problematic.

Juliet Stevenson wants to show her different sides.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 16th April 1992 – 22:15

The next episode features an interview with Jackie Mason.

John Simpson is in the studio

There’s a bit with Rik Mayall in an institution

It also features Paul Brooke

And Jennifer Saunders

BBC Genome: BBC One – 23rd April 1992 – 22:00

After this, there’s a trailer for Dragnet, then the tape ends just as Question Time starts.



  1. Hi please could you upload the full episode about men with Dudley Moore, the Dreamboys, Judy Tenuta etc. I’ve been looking for it on you tube for ages and would be most grateful. Thanks.

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