The Wonder Years – The Manageress – tape 937

First on this tape, more from the annoying young Kevin in The Wonder Years. Imagine Arrested Development with no sense of irony.

Kevin is obsessing over asking a blond girl to the dance. His lab partner, who’s smart and just as cute, gives him advice on asking her out.

So obviously, he’d rather go to the dance with a girl he’s barely spoken to than someone who’s already a good friend. Kevin is the worst.

After this, there’s the start of a documentary from Fragile Earth.

Then recording switches and there’s the first episode in the second series of The Manageress. It’s a new season, and the lads are at the seaside for pre-season training.

Gabriella (Cherie Lunghi) is after some more investment, because she’s going for promotion this year.

Chairman Warren Clarke always looks like a startled terrier when she asks for more money.

There’s psychos in the nightclub looking to make trouble with the footballers.

Gabrielle’s relationship with head coach Tom Georgeson has improved since the start of the first season.

Gabrielle’s choice for captain is egged on by the other players to make a move on Gabrielle, who rebuffs him strongly, but he lets the rumour spread that he did sleep with her, which rumour spreads among the team, and to Georgeson, who is very disapproving, but the captain does the right thing and admits it’s nonsense.

The programme ends on a downer, though, as, during a friendly with a local team, the nightclub psycho, who is a player on the opposing team, hacks one of the younger players, and might potentially have ended his career. He asks that he be able to appear in that year’s team photo, as he was in the youth team last year, and if he never plays again, he’ll never be in one again.

The next episode is called Pingvin Lakrids. The team has a rare TV appearance in those days before satellite and cable, when only a handful of games were televised each week. Their star player attracts attention, but the club sponsor gets annoyed when one of his billboards is partially obscured by a Scandinavian advert for Pingvin Lakrids.

There’s an appearance by Jim Rosenthal.

This episode mostly focuses on the star player, Tony Morris (Robbie Gee) who’s acquired a sports agent, and is the subject of an offer from the club’s former manager.

After this, there’s the start of The Philadelphia Story, and the tape ends during it.

There’s a couple of adverts here which ran back to back. First, an incredibly pompous Gillette advert announcing the introduction of Gillette Sensor – so not advertising the product, but advertising the introduction of the product.

Immediately after this, a Daily Mail advert, featuring Robert Bathurst, which is supposed to position Mail readers as a cut above the rest of us, but notice that he does actually smash into the other car, in his ridiculous big car that’s never seen anything big a tarmacked street, and that his first instinct is to drive off. Quite a distance, given that he’s in the middle of the country before he decides to turn around. And this is what the Daily Mail thinks of as aspirational.


  • Coca Cola
  • Castlemaine XXXX
  • First Direct
  • trail: Five Go Mad in Dorset
  • Barclaycard – Alan Whicker
  • Volvo 460
  • Carlsberg
  • Hair’s How magazine
  • Coca Cola – Generations
  • trail: Brass
  • Shreddies
  • Wrangler
  • Post Office
  • Apres Ski
  • Holsten Pils – Griff Rhys Jones
  • trail: The Manageress
  • Sara Lee
  • Coca Cola – Generations
  • Swan Light
  • The Mortgage Corporation – Barry Norman
  • Air Canada
  • First Direct
  • Dulux
  • Greece
  • trail: Brass
  • Kelly’s Business Pages
  • Holsten Pils – Griff Rhys Jones
  • Halifax
  • Sealink
  • Network SouthEast
  • First Direct
  • LA Gear
  • Hamlet – Gregor Fisher
  • Barclaycard – Alan Whicker
  • Castlemaine XXXX
  • The Hunt for Red October in cinemas
  • Qualcast
  • Esso
  • First Direct
  • Heineken
  • AA
  • Flymo
  • Heinz Weightwatchers
  • Clerical Medical
  • Nuns on the Run in cinemas
  • The European
  • Milk
  • Red Star
  • Vauxhall
  • Carlsberg
  • Perfect Pizza
  • Daily Telegraph
  • Internal Affairs in cinemas
  • First Direct
  • Red Star
  • trail: Tomorrow on 4
  • Red Star
  • Air UK
  • Gillette Sensor – Introducing Sensor
  • Daily Mail – Robert Bathurst
  • Flora
  • Sealink
  • Holsten Export
  • Flymo
  • Red Star
  • trail: On The Black Hill
  • Red Star
  • ICI
  • Evening Standard
  • American Airlines


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