The Wonder Years – tape 907

Some episodes of The Wonder Years now. I think the school-based episodes might annoy me a little.

In the first episode here, Math Class, Kevin, usually a good student, is suddenly struggling in Maths. But he’s too scared to actually tell anyone that he’s struggling, and the teacher is no help at all. And his pride prevents him from joining the ‘help group’ for maths.

Kevin is a bit of a dick in this episode. Best friend Paul is doing well in maths, but Kevin can’t even bring himself to ask for his help.

Even the conclusion, where he starts to improve, seems to come out of nowhere.

To make up for it annoying me, here’s a picture of Robert Picardo, who isn’t in this episode enough.

The next episode is Odd Man Out. Kevin and Paul argue over a baseball card. Once again, Kevin is a jerk. He stops talking to Paul, starts hanging out with someone he thinks is dull, and is therefore horrible to him too.

This kid deserves no friends.

Next it’s The Family Car. Kevin is embarrassed at his father’s car, so he gets excited when his dad has to get a new one. He hopes he’ll buy a mustang, but his father doesn’t like the trade-in offered by the salesman.

In fact, he doesn’t want to let the car go. What is it with people and their cars? Especially Americans. I’ve never understood it.

Next it’s The Pimple. An old friend of the family are visiting, and a girl Kevin knew in kindergarten has grown up a bit, so he’s looking forward to the visit.

The awful Ben Stein is a teacher.

But Kevin gets a zit.

Math Class Squared sees Kevin cheating in order to get into the better math class, though why he’d want to since he could barely keep up

This episode guest stars Chris Demetral of Dream On.

In the next episode, Rock ‘n’ Roll Kevin decides he wants an electric guitar.

He buys one, and practises for a week, but he almost gives up when he’s worried about embarrassing himself in front of people.

Next is The Powers that Be. Kevin’s grandpa arrives, played by David Huddleston.

He brings a puppy for Kevin.

After this episode, there’s a trailer for Star Test.

That recording ends, and underneath there’s a short bit from Far From the Madding Crowd. Then the tape ends.


  • She
  • Petits Filous
  • Barclays
  • Carlton LA
  • Milk
  • Skin Beat
  • Carlton LA
  • Duckhams
  • Piat D’Or
  • Ladybird/Woolworths
  • LA Gear
  • First Direct
  • trail: Far from the Madding Crowd
  • Pizza Hut
  • Halifax
  • Carlsberg
  • Sure
  • Bird’s Eye Steakhouse – Mac McDonald Gary Olsen
  • First Direct
  • trail: Star Test
  • The Mortgage Corporation – Barry Norman
  • Webster’s Yorkshire Bitter
  • Halifax – Andrew Sachs
  • First Direct
  • Dulux
  • trail: The Manageress
  • Volvo




  1. It might have something to do with the size of the country (you know that say about how 100 years is a long time in the US and 100 miles is a long way in the UK) plus the need to assert one’s sense of power. Or something. I’m only spitballing because I don’t even know how to drive.

  2. Chris Demetral is familiar from Star Trek: TNG, when he played Commander Riker’s son (eek!) in ‘Future Imperfect’. And a very intelligent performance it was for one so young, too. Was he any good here?

    The Wonder Years was so saccharine and earnest. At least Happy Days had a sense of humour. As a kid, it was also painful to watch on those occasions when Kevin acquitted himself badly doing things for the first time while in real life you were acquitting yourself badly doing things for the first time.

    1. I always rather liked “The Wonder Years.” And as pointed out, Kevin and Winnie’s relationship throughout the series was like a less annoying version of Ross and Rachel.

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