The Batman – Hit And Run – tape 905

First on this tape, another serial from the 40s, The Batman. It’s just a bit racist.

In this one, there’s no special batmobile. Alfred just drives him around in a regular car.

Episode 12: Embers of Evil

They do actually describe the villain as a “sinister Jap spy”.

Chapter 13: Eight Steps Down

The Batman costume in this is truly awful.

Chapter 14: The Executioner Strikes

The villain menaces our heroine with a diabolical hairdressing machine.

Chapter 15: The Doom of the Rising Sun

After this, recording switches to BBC Two for Hit and Run. Ruby Wax goes to a ‘randomly selected’ place to talk to people. Today, “Notingham”

Although I don’t think she gets there. She meets a friend who was in investor in Radio Caroline, his friend who is the Lord of somewhere or other and is the most boring person imaginable, and then an artist who like painting naked women, and doesn’t believe in monogamy. He’s not a bad painter, and at least Ruby got to keep her clothes on. All his paintings seem to have him in them like some kind of creepy uncle.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 16th January 1990 – 21:00

There’s a trailer for Saturday Night Clive.

Then, this recording stops. Underneath there’s the very tail end of credits for a movie, and music that sounds like Pino Donaggio. I looked up one of the names, and his only credit is in The Fan, a slightly schlocky stalker movie from 1981, and sure enough, it had music by Pino Donaggio.

Incidentally, the eponymous Fan is played in that movie by a young Michael Biehn.

There’s a trailer for new Drama for the 90s on LWT.

Then there’s this.

Nice punctuation there. It seems to be part documentary and part art project. Very odd.

Then there’s this. A trailer for something called Yellowthread Street which I have no memory of. I presume it was an import, but I’ve no idea. Nope – checking iMDb and I find it was a Yorkshire TV production that ran for a single series.

Then there’s a news bulletin that dates this as the morning of 31st December 1989. The news of the day was quite dull, consisting of statements from politicians, but there’s a review of the year that’s fairly packed with historic events, like the images of people climbing over the Berlin Wall after the fall of the communist East German government, and the shocking pictures of the Chinese troops crushing the pro democracy student protests in Tienanmen Square. All we tend to see of that is the student in front of the tank, but here there are hundreds of troops charging the protesters and shooting at them. It’s quite terrifying, and I can see why the Chinese government likes to pretend it never happened.

Here’s the whole thing, along with ad breaks, for posterity.

The tape ends just after this programme.


  • trail: Drama Into the 90s
  • trail: Yellowthread Street
  • trail: Cilla’s Goodbye to the 80s
  • Commercial Union
  • Peugeot 405
  • Yellow Pages
  • C&A
  • Mu-Cron
  • Tennent’s LA
  • 7Up
  • Mu-Cron
  • Labatt’s – Tony Slattery
  • Henri Wintermans
  • Scotch Videotape


  1. “The Fan” was based on a book told entirely in letters. And with the stalker managing to kill the actress, unlike the movie.

  2. Knowing the first screen version of Batman was pretty racist is a lot like stumbling across one of those anti-Japanese Bugs Bunny cartoons: context is everything, there was a war on, but it doesn’t make it particularly enjoyable even with that knowledge.

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