Vic Reeves’ Big Night Out – CinemAttractions – tape 923

After a long block of tapes from the later end of my collection, now we’re going back to an earlier simpler age, as witness the original Channel 4 logo that opens this tape.

Then, Vic Reeves Big Night Out. This is the very first episode, from May 1990. Vic sings I’m a Believer accompanied by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

There’s the Man with the Stick

I wonder if anyone recognises themselves in the studio audience?

Novelty island sees the first appearance of Graham Lister. L-aaa-rr-dd.

I think I recognised the voice of Paul Whitehouse as Jean Paul Gaultier.

Judge Nutmeg’s court is in session.

The next episode features Aled Jones

Les doesn’t like chives

Tinker’s Rucksack

Graham Lister has brought Nibbles the Comedy Duck.

Special musical guest Rick Astley

The next episode is opened by Captain Birdseye on a motorcycle.

Performance art from Action Image Exchange

Professor Bill Peacock adjudicates a noise/gesture competition

Before the next episode, there’s the last few seconds of an episode of Roseanne.

The next episode sees Vic accompanied by the chairman of Nabisco.

We meet the Living Carpets

In the next episode, Vic is helped on by Cecil Gee.

Mr Popkins and his Lovey Dovey Doughnuts are on Novelty Island

Mr Dennis is asked to keep the audience entertained.

“Do you swear on Clarence the cross-eyed lion?”

Graham Lister gets to sing at the end

In the next and final episode, Vic is brought on by a Tamil Rebel

Tinker’s Rucksack return

Another appearance from Paul Whitehouse, this time as David Rowells.

Graham Lister is victorious on Novelty Island

Nigel Kennedy plays us out

After this, recording continues with the start of Son of Godzilla, then the tape ends. No sign of the promised CinemAttractions from the tape database.


  • Skillball
  • Duckhams
  • Barclays
  • Nissan Bluebird
  • Sunday Correspondent – Jim Sweeney
  • Kronenbourg 1664
  • trail: Trouble In Mind
  • Fosters – Burt Lancaster Local Hero
  • Hamlet
  • Diet Coke
  • Sunday Correspondent
  • Leather & Lace
  • trail: Creature Features
  • Castella Classic – Russ Abbott
  • Nissan 200 SX
  • Deep Heat 7
  • Rice Krispies
  • Daily Correspondent
  • Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues
  • trail: John Sessions Solo
  • Diet Coke
  • Tennent’s LA
  • trail: Eat the Rich


  1. I can take a lot from Reeves and Mortimer, but BNO always left me… non-plussed. When it’s funny, it’s funny, but you have to wade through so much dross to get to those points; the personas are so listless and forgettable compared to those devised for their BBC series in the 90s. I’m sure I would have found it hysterical had I seen it in the upstairs room of a pub in Camden while drunk as a lord. Like Mayall and Richardson, their early stuff is very much a mixed bag.

    1. It is indeed, as not only does it edit out the ad breaks, it also edits out any reference to there being ad breaks in the programmes, so there are massive jump cuts to take out anything that bridges them. Seemingly we’re not meant to know programmes on commercial channels had adverts in them.

      The ad breaks were left in the VHS releases, and I had episodes one to three on VHS and watched them ten trillion times, so I know the whole thing off by heart. “I put so much petrol in my car the other day… I couldn’t get in it!”

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