Watch This Or The Dog Dies – tape 2825

This tape opens with the end of a classic Dad’s Army – one of the recently rediscovered episodes in black and white.

There’s a trailer for programmes on Saturday, dedicated to Jack Lemmon.

Also a trailer for 3rd Rock from the Sun and Never Minds the Buzzcocks.

Then, Watch This or the Dog Dies. It’s a history of Youth TV.

“Just an excuse to make bad TV and get away with it” says Jonathan King.

There’s a lot of interview subjects here, as the programme starts with Network 7 and goes from there. Here’s its co-creator, Janet Street-Porter.

Stuart Cosgrove

Planet 24 supremo Charlie Parsons

Paul Ross

Presenter Jazwinder Bancil

“The posh one” Sebastian Scott

Producer Jane Hewland

Adam and Joe were viewers, and do some remembering

There’s some clips on a piece about the Death Penalty, and suddenly you can see the inspiration for The Day Today – the video quality is almost identical.

For some reason, the awful Garry Bushell is asked his opinion, but I don’t like him so he doesn’t get a picture.

I see Magenta De Vine is still wearing the dark glasses.

Is Sankha Guha still presenting? His iMDb profile looks a little thin. He’s probably an executive these days.

Sebastian Scott tells of how the BBC Bosses thought it wasn’t appropriate for Magenta to be presenting the more serious topics on Rough Guide with her trademark shades. “When it came to the next series there was this very serious negotiation with Magenta’s agent where it was negotiated on how many times she would wear glasses with clear lenses in so that she could look just that little bit more serious when it came to the serious topics.”

And here’s the proof.

Discussion moves to ClubX, the terribly pretentious arts programme on Channel 4. Jo Whiley was a researcher.

And then, The Word. There’s some quite queasy moments from it here, but in contrast we also get the lovely Katie Puckrick, so it’s not a total loss.

And the time Shaun Ryder appeared with the cast of Rainbow.

It’s nice to see Normski.

The Girlie Show is cited as a harbinger of the end of the Youth TV craze. Presenter Sara Cox sort of agrees.

Here’s the whole thing. It’s quite fun.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 11th August 1998 – 21:30

After this, recording switches to the end of Newsroom South East. We’re seeing a lot of that recently.

Weather from Peter Cockroft follows, along with trailers for The Life of Birds and Crimewatch.

Then, an episode of QEDThe Bubble Babies looks at newborns suffering from a severe immuno-deficiency disease. I suspect I might have recorded this because of our recent experience with neo-natal medicine (see yesterday).

As you might expect, watching this was an emotional experience for me, but at least the family featured had a happy ending – their baby was cured and they were able to take him home.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 6th October 1998 – 21:30

Following this, a trailer for The Zoo Keepers, and for Close Up.

Then, an episode of Crimewatch UK with Jill Dando.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 6th October 1998 – 22:00

There’s a trailer for Grandstand 40 Years.

And a trailer for Blue Peter Night.

Then the tape runs out during a programme called Girls & Bouys, about a women sailing team.



  1. I always thought the presenters of “The Girlie Show” should have given themselves a shared Wanker Of The Week award. Every week. To this day I’ve never quite forgiven Sara Cox for being part of this AND Channel 5’s awful “Exclusive!”

    As for Magenta, as Cliff Huxtable once told Denise, “Put. The shades. Back on.”

  2. I remember Adam and Joe remembering the Network 7 death row guy was subjected to a phone-in viewer vote as to whether he should die or not. The viewers voted to kill him. It was like The Running Man or something. The presenter had to break this to the murderer and he was surprisingly good natured about it.

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