The Entertainment Biz – Omnibus – tape 2820

Some interesting things on this tape, I think.

It opens with the end of a programme called Mad Cows and Englishmen about the BSE crisis.

There’s a trailer for Having It All.

Then, an episode of The Entertainment Biz, this one called Entertaining Emotions. It looks specifically at the Jerry Springer show, and generally at talk shows that go for emotional confrontation.

It starts with the horrifying experience of Jerry Springer  singing a country song. Scenes that might upset some viewers.

It also features contributions from Ricki Lake.

I’m getting an Ian Faith vibe from Springer and his baseball bat.

The nuts and bolts of how the shows are put together is fascinating, even as the content of the actual shows tends to leave me cold.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th March 1998 – 21:00

There’s a trailer for Blackadder II, I I Ruled The World and Never Mind the Buzzcocks in the comedy zone. Plus a trailer for Getting Hurt.

Then, the start of a short programme called A Woman Called Smith before recording switches to later in the evening, and the end of Match of the Day.

There’s a trailer for Ruby Wax Meets… and one for Our Mutual Friend.

Then, an episode of OmnibusThe Pied Piper of Harlem. It looks at the work of music teacher Roberta Tzavaras who teaches children in the poorer schools in Harlem.

There’s a lovely moment where the students get to play the national anthem at Madison Square Gardens for the New York Knicks.

Isaac Stern comes to watch them play, and give some pointers on playing the Vivaldi double concerto.

The climax of the programme is a concert at Carnegie Hall.

Triva note: Roberta Tzavaras was the subject of the Meryl Streep film Music of the Heart, which was directed (rather incongruously) by Wes Craven.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 8th March 1998 – 22:35

After this, recording continues with a trailer for The 50 Years War – Israel and the Arabs. And one for Panorama about childcare.

Then, an episode of Heart of the Matter asks “Is adultery no longer a sin?” A discussion which includes actress Sarah Miles.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 8th March 1998 – 23:30

Trailers follow for Real Women and Stand and Deliver.

Then, to almost coincide with last month’s total eclipse in the US, there’s an episode of The Sky At Night looking at a total eclipse in the Caribbean, on a cruise liner. Patrick Moore is part of the cruise entertainment, although I don’t know if he brought his xylophone.

But eclipses are wonderful things.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 9th March 1998 – 00:10

There’s a trailer for Crimewatch File and for the John Inverdale talk show On Side.

Then the tape comes to an end with a few minutes of Zeppelin starring Michael York and Elke Sommer.



  1. Music of the Heart would have been OK if they’d stuck to the true story, but they invented a whole idiotic and borderline racist plot about black people not understanding classical music unless this white lady taught it to them, with one ignorant mother character a very unfortunate choice. As far as I understand it, all the parents were supportive, and no wonder when you see her results.

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