Kiss Me Kate – tape 2833

Here’s a brief bonus entry. This wasn’t a tape of a TV show, but of an amateur musical show I was involved in.

It’s a production of Cole Porter’s musical Kiss Me Kate, a musical about the backstage world of a musical. It’s quite meta.

I had a really teeny part, and was mostly in the chorus. It’s a fun show, and the show has the advantage of keeping Porter’s original lyrics, which were sanitised quite a lot for the movie version.

Here I am during the opening number, “Another Opening, Another Show” I’m on the left in the blue shirt.

I think I must have had a slight accident with the tape – there’s a few random frames of Jamie Theakston near the beginning when I clearly accidentally pressed record on the VCR, and luckily caught it almost immediately.

Here I am ‘in costume’ rather than in the backstage costume from earlier. It’s not the most flattering shape.

And just to prove i can almost sing and dance, here’s one of the songs from the show, Tom, Dick or Harry, and yes, I can confirm that the lyrics are supposed to be as filthy as they sound.

The lute that I’m holding below was made out of cardboard and polystyrene by my wife Bernadette. It was originally made for an earlier show, in which I sang a Gilbert & Sullivan song. And it’s still hanging up in our stairwell, albeit looking very dusty.

There’s some belting songs in this show, and this production had some moments. I’ve just watched the number that closes the first act, and roared with laughter at some of the performances, particularly Danny Assirati as one of the gangsters, who had dressed up as women to be on stage to prevent the leading lady from leaving the production. No one did a double-take like Danny.

And, of course, the true highlight of the show is the gangsters’ number, one of the most famous from the show, Brush Up Your Shakespeare. Danny and Terry Sohl were just perfect as the gangsters, and this number was magnificent.

And now we return you to your regular programming.


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  1. I saw Kiss Me Kate on a school trip to the theatre – not your production, this one starred Paul Jones of Manfred Man/Radio 2 Blues show fame. It’s a cast iron, great show. Wunderbar, you might say.

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