Looking For Richard – tape 2803

There’s an introduction by Richard Jobson to this film, which sounds oddly like he’s trying to reassure viewers that a film about actors talking about acting isn’t as boring as it sounds.

Looking for Richard is a film by Al Pacino, in which he talks to a lot of people, and does a lot of acting, and talking about acting. Ther’s a lot of famous faces, like Kevin Spacey

Kenneth Branagh

Kevin Kline

James Earl Jones

F Murray Abraham

Derek Jacobi

John Gielgud

Vanessa Redgrave

Alec Baldwin

Director Peter Brook

Winona Ryder

Viveca Lindfors

Aidan Quinn

There’s a slight sense of chaos about the film. around all the discussion about the play, and the staging of many scenes, in costume, there’s also the occasional discussion between Pacino and his team about what the film is supposed to be. It has the vague feel of a Nick Broomfield documentary. When they visit the room Shakespeare was born in, they somehow set off a fire alarm and the fire brigade turn up.

It’s quite charming seeing an American cast talking about the play. British actors always tend to seem like they’ve been immersed in Shakespeare since infanthood, and their knowledge of the play is absolute. But Pacino and his actors aren’t afraid to admit the gaps in their knowledge, which helps with the sense that this film really is about finding the play.

I’m afraid the lowbrow in me did laugh during the final battle scene, when Richard takes an arrow in the back, and all I can think of is Monty Python and the Holy Grail: “Message for you sir.”

The score, by Howard Shore, is also very good.

After this, there’s a brief trailer for Contact, and the tape ends. Another short tape today.


One comment

  1. “British actors always tend to seem like they’ve been immersed in Shakespeare since infanthood, and their knowledge of the play is absolute.”

    I’m sure I’m some British actors feel unsure of themselves when doing famous plays from other countries,

    Howard Shore is always good – Not everyone has the range to come up with “The Departed” and “The Lord Of The Rings” live-action movies.

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